We do things a little differently.

First of all, you should know we’re a Chucks-wearing team of uncontrollably creative individuals all with modest dreams of world domination. We are not your cookie cutter corporate advertising agency. We only do suits when we have to, we never do predictable and we always do coffee and donuts – expect both if you come in for a meeting.

Expect our dogs too. We love our dogs almost as much as we love donuts.

We’re blue-collar risk takers who have worked our asses off to get where we are and make a name for this place. We show tremendous diversity in our work, commitment in our community service and also happen to eat, sleep and breathe branding.

No game around does diverse like STICK. In addition to our marketing mojo, we have a tattoo shop with our namesake – STICK Tattoo Company and a team of extreme athletes – Team STICK.

The STICK Co. began in 2007 as Asayo Creative. A few years later, our sister company, STICK LLC, a sign and custom wrap service, was launched. The two worlds of Asayo and STICK collided in 2015 when we simplified things and became just The STICK Co., a single umbrella under which all the magic happens.

And now for the official boilerplate – offering the area’s most extensive and engaging branding experience, The STICK Co. is an award-winning design agency located in Morgantown, W.Va. We create the best brand identities by specializing in web design, print collateral, content creation and management, social media, video, vehicle wraps and more. You won’t find an agency that gets you better than we do.