Account Coordinator

Candy Junkie

Crazy Dog Lady

90s Kid

Dinosaur Lover

Dylana Kutek is living every day like it’s her last one and that’s exactly the kind of enthusiasm and attitude we embrace at STICK. She believes in taking risks, having fun and never looking back. Her worldview has been largely shaped by her mother’s breast cancer and melanoma diagnoses and her tiny cheweenie named Biggs. She’s a food lover who can’t cook, a fierce competitor who can really only play volleyball and badminton well; except for her success as a competitive bowler. She is terrified of bugs despite loving animals of all shapes and sizes. She’ll go anywhere for a free tshirt and wear that haul proudly. She is a walking contradiction in many respects, which makes her the perfect fit for our unruly crew that embraces contradiction.

Hailing from Uniontown, Pa., Dylana (don’t feel bad if you make her repeat it and spell it out before you can repeat it, everyone else does too) joined The STICK Co. as an account coordinator. Her role is to ensure seamless communication with all of our clients. For this we know our clients are thankful and we are grateful to her every day for keeping us on point.