Stone cold ladykiller

“Smooth like Billy Dee Williams” is Lucas’s motto for life and for wrap installation. He is a man’s man. An installer’s installer.

He’s the youngest member of our crew, but he prowls the the garage with a quiet confidence that belies his youthful glow.

But don’t let that easy-going demeanor and unassuming nature fool you. Just under the surface, Lucas is a cauldron of bubbling thought, constantly ruminating on world events, the confounding moral and ethical issues of our time, and the best way to install a particular wrap for you.

Away from the garage, Lucas is a renaissance man and has dabbled in writing, combat sports and stand-up comedy. He also possesses a passion for the outdoors, be it hunting, fishing, or hiking. He relishes any opportunity to both commune with nature and to test himself against its often harsh and unforgiving ways. He considers it all a part of his journey of self-discovery.

We’re glad that journey has landed him here with us.