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Hockey Enthusiast




According to the Chinese zodiac, the Sheep is blessed with amazing resiliency and steadfastness that runs deep in the fibers of their wool. Anyone who has seen our boy do his thing in the garage can attest to that.

Some people know him as JB, but we can’t see him as anything but The Sheep. The Sheep represents calm and cool in all situations; a quality that comes in handy when a unique and challenging wrap project has to meet a tight deadline. It also comes in handy when raising his handsome baby boy, Haiden.

Out in the garage, the other qualities of The Sheep hold things together. He brings harmony and solidarity to the chaotic environment spawned by yahoos like these guys. No matter what else is going on, The Sheep looms in the background, working mindfully, setting an example, being a rock, keeping it easy-going, and getting things done.

Don’t test him, though. This is documentary footage of Sheep going after some kid who told him he couldn’t wrap.