Web content

Bill Gates said content is king and he’s a freaking genius.

Gone are the days when a pretty website met all your marketing needs. These days, “content is king” and it’s now more important than ever for your website to do the heavy lifting. The STICK Co. provides strategic content designed to drive customer engagement straight to you. Call us today to discuss our written and genuine video content generation services.


What good is your website if no one can find it?

Search engine optimization is way more than a buzzword. Utilizing keyword strategies, link building, page indexing, adword campaigns and more, STICK can help increase traffic to your site and boost your page rankings within search engines. The industry and its SEO best practices change everyday. Count on STICK to keep you on your customers’ radar.

Social Media

To be or not to be … on social media.

Heck yeah you better be! Your competition is and The STICK Co. can help you formulate the perfect social media plan for your business. Heavy construction companies don’t need Instagram, fitness centers do. Doctor’s offices don’t need Twitter, politicians will shrivel up and die without it. Almost every business needs Facebook and we can get you there fast.

Email marketing / eBlasts
Text Message Marketing

When your people forget to call their people.

We’re constantly plugged in yet many businesses have trouble keeping in touch with their customers and potential customers. We don’t blame you. You’ve got tons of things on your plate. We want to help make it easier. STICK has perfected the art of email marketing, eblasts and utilizing text message marketing to keep in touch with your customers. The future of communication is rapidly changing. Let STICK keep your people connected.

Public relations

No news is bad news – they lied.

It’s sometimes tough to generate a buzz and get attention about your business in the community. Lean on The STICK Co. for all of your public relations needs. From press releases to strategic planning and so much more, STICK enjoys valuable relationships and can help get people talking about you.