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The STICK Co. has launched another mold-breaking site in the oil and gas sector, this one for KATKO Ltd. The company came to STICK wanting a new branding and marketing plan that included business cards, sales collateral and a website.

STICK Graphic Designer Maria Ashenfelder accepted the challenge and produced spectacular results for KATKO – a leading oil and gas service company headquartered in St. Clairesville, Ohio and with branch offices in Wheeling, W.Va. and Carmichaels, Pa.

“KATKO wanted something that was totally different, something that no one expected and set them apart from the rest of the oil and gas companies,” Ashenfelder said. “I think we delivered that in a big way.”


The new business cards are top-of-the-line, frosted plastic featuring the company’s signature colors and logo delivered in an almost-indestructible format. The print materials carry forward the color and design schemes chosen for the brand and the new website features a confident tone, easy navigation and an exciting, bold look.

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