Content Strategist



Croc Enthusiast

Popcorn Addict

What does a Content Strategist do? I don’t know, but I can tell you what this content strategist does.

– She lights up social media with her own special brand of delightful content that will put a smile on your face while also making you fall in love with a brand;

– She plays Dungeons & Dragons and wants you to know that if you don’t play Dungeons and Dragons, that makes you the nerd;

– She knows how to get eyeballs on your website and digital media campaigns; and

– She is in the process of making The Stick Company re-evaluate their coffee budget, because she seems to be powered exclusively by caffeine.

Originally from Wheeling, Allison has a master’s degree in Data Marketing Communications from WVU, along with a bachelor’s in Strategic Communications with a minor in Interactive Media Design. If you think that makes it sound like Allison is the exact person you want to be monitoring your digital media campaign, then I would strongly agree with you.

When she’s not counting pageviews, Allison is probably hugging Kilo (the very good boy seen in the picture below), hiking through some cool part of West Virginia, or has her nose buried in a marketing book. She went the “good cowboy” route in Red Dead 2, in case you were wondering if she’s a good person. She’s also certified in two things: 1) pouring a Stella, and CPR. We hope to only use one of those skills here.

One other important note: Allison loves Crocs, which is also the footwear preferred by MJD, so the guys in the garage are 100% wrong when they say MJD’s Crocs make him a “goober” or a “dork” or a “grandpa out watering his plants.” Crocs are awesome and they are mean and they should stop with the Croc-shaming.