Project Manager

Candy Junkie

Crazy Dog Lady

90s Kid

Dinosaur Lover

Hailing from good ‘ole Uniontown, Pa, Dylana (don’t feel bad if you make her repeat it and spell it out before you can pronounce it, everyone else does too) is our all-mighty, master organizer (at least she’s good at pretending, if not!) Her worldview has been largely shaped by her mother’s breast cancer diagnoses and she embraces to live every day to the fullest! At home, she has 2 tiny Chiweenies named Biggs and Lola and recently added a new member, her son – Abram! Abram made his appearance on Memorial Day, so mom didn’t even get to miss a day of work since we were already off!

She’s a food lover who can’t cook and a fierce competitor who can really only play volleyball. She is terrified of bugs despite loving animals of all shapes and sizes. She’ll go anywhere for a free t-shirt and wear that haul proudly. She is a walking contradiction in many respects, which makes her the perfect fit for our unruly crew that embraces contradiction.

Dylana keeps us all on track by perfectly juggling multiple projects, all while ensuring seamless communication with all of our clients. For this, we know our clients are thankful and we are grateful to her every day for keeping us on point.