Manager • Wraps Division



SciFi/Fantasy Nerd

Maple Syrup Enthusiast

Almost a decade ago, a wide-eyed young dreamer by the name of Jarrod wandered through our shop doors; unwashed, penniless, and in need of direction and guidance. Seeing an opportunity to shape this unmolded ball of clay into something worthwhile, we made young Jarrod our first intern.

Today, he runs our wrap division.

Under Jarrod’s iron fist, The Stick Company garage functions like a Swiss watch. Signs and banners are printed with exquisite attention to detail. Decals are cut with laser precision. Vehicles are wrapped on time and tighter than a drum.

Away from the garage, Jarrod flips the switch from detail-oriented organizer to adventure-loving thrillseeker. He’s constantly outdoors, hiking, seeking adventure, or barrelling his way through a challenging obstacle course.

And if he’s not out there with his adrenaline pumping, he’s using his organizational and technical skill to do something like help organize a kickball tournament to benefit the Special Olympics, or participating in a community blood drive (yes, he really is that good of a guy).

This rags-to-riches story began almost ten years ago in our humble shop. It ends with you getting a quality product, on time, from Jarrod and The Stick Company.