Senior Designer


Neat Freak

90s Music Fanatic

TV Binge Watcher

Maria Ashenfelder is a tiny little dynamo with mad graphic design skills. She’s fiery, feisty, gets doodoo done and knows better than most what works best for web and wraps. She hails from Harrisburg, Pa. and moved to Morgantown, and The Stick Co., when she found no other design firms around that could compare.

And now class, we offer a few random tidbits about Maria – she doesn’t like desserts, she does like curse words, she doesn’t like people, she does like dancing on High Street FOR people though, she doesn’t like Brussels sprouts, she does like Motown, she doesn’t like skunks nor does she know how to effectively wash her dog of their aroma, she does like things nice and tidy, she doesn’t like the outdoors BUT she does like cocktails outdoors as long as the outdoor space is nice and tidy.

In all seriousness, Maria is one very talented designer with an advertising background. She specializes in creating designs for logos, print and all other things visual. She can design the shite out of a website and, admittedly, is among the most organized of our pack.