Installation Manager

Family Man


Pens Fan

Woolly Quadriped

Sheep is both one of our most experienced employees and one of our newest. This is his second tenure here at The Stick Company. He roamed away briefly, but you know what sheep do. They find their way back to the flock.

This new version of Sheep is a family man. Before, he was all about work, watching hockey, playing hockey, and living the breezy life of a handsome southwestern Pennsylvania playboy. These days, the focus is closer to home. He spends all of his time and energy on his two little ones – Haiden and Kennedy – as well as his soon-to-be wife, Michelle.

He might be “daddy” at home, but in The Stick Company’s garage, he’s the Godfather of The Wrap Game. If you’ve got something that needs wrapped, there’s no pair of hooves that will take better care of it than Sheep’s. The squeegee is an extension of his arm, and his blowtorch has eyes.

Oh, and if you’re not into nicknames, you can call him JB. That might confuse the rest of us, though.