• Videographer
  • Drone pilot
  • Former Arkansawyer

At A Glance

Fun Fact:
Has had multiple near death experiences and may be immortal.

Pet Peeve:
A utensil in the sink with wet peanut butter. This is not excusable.

The Low Down

Meet Chris, The Stick Company’s videographer, who comes to us via Arkansas originally, with stops in a bunch of other places scattered through the west and midwest of the country.

It may not surprise you to learn that our videographer loves movies. Anything artistic with a surprising storyline has him hooked. Think along the lines of David Lynch or Alejandro Jodorowsky. On the TV side, his favorites are Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. You know, the classics.

Chris has a passion for learning new things. He’s gone from zero to mastery in a number of different areas — videography, obviously — but has also taught himself to build electric guitars and guitar paddles, and can build a PC from scratch. One day, he plans to be either ACES or Dolby Vision certified as a colorist, so the next time you see a great movie, keep an eye out for his name in the closing credits.