• Shop Manager
  • Lord/Leader of the Misfits
  • Aspiring Chicken farmer

At A Glance

Fun Fact:
Voted most likely to start a revolt.

Favorite Quote:
It is impossible to predict what kind of song will come on his playlist next.
– W.R. Purche

The Low Down

Meet Dirty Dave Hathaway, The Stick Company’s shop manager and mysterious rogue. With a work ethic that was forged in the coal mines of Greene County, PA, Dave brings us leadership, a strict adherence to safety policies and an uncompromising code of ethics.

Dave also has the unique ability to connect with just about everyone he meets, and certainly knows no stranger. We don’t just call him the ‘lord of the misfits’ for nothing! And if you’re lucky, he might even bless you with one of his one-of-a-kind illustrations!

When he’s not hard at work in the shop, Dave could be anywhere. We’ll never know, because he doesn’t reply to text messages. Not even Damian’s, despite the fact that they were best men in each others’ weddings. Our three best guesses are 1) at home with his beautiful wife and 3 sons, 2) braving the rough rapids of 10 Mile Creek, or 3) solving the problems of the world alongside any random dude he meets at a truck stop.

Let us know if you see him.

For The Gram