• Creative Designer
  • AKA The Lizard
  • From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

At A Glance

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The Low Down

Meet Steve Phillips, aka “The Lizard,” a graphic design extraordinaire with a remarkable knack for turning creative visions into stunning realities. Prior to joining The Stick Company, Steve owned and operated LZRD Wraps, a highly successful graphic design and vehicle wrap company in the region, establishing himself as a true authority in our field.

And while Steve hit the ground running, we think he’s still adjusting to the noise and mayhem of our office, as you’ll usually find him immersed in the sounds of Nirvana or any grunge or rock music. It’s how he focuses amidst the chaos, ensuring that his designs are infused with his blend of creativity, precision and teen spirit.

An artist to the core, Steve‚Äôs creativity leads him outside of the (heart-shaped) box, extending beyond branding and design, encompassing his unique talent for custom wraps and his unconventional approach to projects. He’s also a highly talented air-brush artist.

What truly endeared Steve to our team was his shared love for dogs and his commitment to helping others. He has a genuine passion for supporting charitable causes, particularly the Leukemia Society. It’s this compassionate spirit that shines through in his work, as he consistently seeks to make a positive impact through his designs.

Outside of work, Steve cherishes spending quality time with his wife, Heidi, their three children and his dog, Dex. Whether they’re exploring the great outdoors, going down to the Lake of Fire or simply enjoying each other’s company, family always comes first for Steve.

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