Feeding the Brand at Flour and Feed

We are happy to provide a quick glance at some of the branding work on which The Stick Company has been working for one of West Virginia’s newest restaurants, Morgantown Flour and Feed. Located in the Wharf District, Flour and Feed provides some nostalgic vibes with their distinct atmosphere and décor, while providing a unique and modern dining experience.

Looking for brand identity fitting for such a place, owners Marty and Kristen Elek turned to The Stick Company to help launch their brand and marketing campaign. The result was a custom design that incorporated a vintage feel, while still having a modern and eye-catching appeal.

“When we first started with our idea for the restaurant, we contacted Damian Ferek and the Stick Team to help us create the perfect logo,” said Marty Elek. “They took the time to understand what we were wanting, including all the various uses of the logo, and exceeded our expectations with what they created.“
The logo can now be seen throughout the location including menus, door decals and window décor, business cards, website, social media and more. The wrap team even created a reversed logo stencil to apply a 10’ logo on the rough-cut ambiance wall.

If you’ve not had a chance to visit Morgantown Flour and Feed, we highly recommend you make a reservation and enjoy an evening of great food and drinks. And when you go, make sure you tell them how much you like the logo!  For more information, or to take a look at their menu and hours, visit their website at http://www.morgantownflourandfeed.com/

*A full case study will be available once we stop eating (and drinking) and get everything together!