10 Reasons to get your company vehicle wrapped

Our motto for the past 13 years has been, “We Stick Anything.” Since then, we’ve done a lot of wrap jobs; but the most common wraps we do are vehicle wraps. We have customers who have had their wrap for nearly eight years and claim that it is the best advertising investment for their company. Some vehicle wraps are all about style (those are our favorite). Looking back, we know that there are a lot of reasons why companies come to us to get their vehicle wrapped. Today, we want to share with you 10 of those reasons:

1. You can advertise everywhere you go.

This is a simple, but important reason. If you constantly have to travel for your company, why not advertise on the go? A vehicle wrap will ensure that everyone knows what company you are representing as soon as you pull in the parking lot. Another great aspect of advertising on your vehicle is that it isn’t an annoying way to advertise. Right now, we live in an age where so many people would prefer ads to be shorter or skippable; but a vehicle wrap is just there. There is no skipping it. It’s not annoying either. People understand that it’s your company’s vehicle, so you have the right to advertise on it.

2. People notice vehicle advertisements.

Not only is a vehicle wrap a good form of mobile advertising, but people definitely notice it. A study by the American Trucking Association found that 96% of people notice truck-side ads. That’s an amazing feat when you think of how many people skip video ads or ignore display ads! Since this way of advertising isn’t annoying at all, it leaves more room for people to appreciate the design and effort that was put into it. This wrap that we did for Gerrick Electric shows that subtle advertisements can go a long way:

3. The more you have to drive, the larger of an audience you reach.

A vehicle wrap is a gift that keeps on giving for a business. On average, a vehicle that drives 15,000 miles a year will reach 9 million people. So the more you drive with your vehicle wrap, the more people will discover your business. In most cases, the life of the wrap will outlive the life of the vehicle itself. This is an especially important consideration if your company is the type that has a larger service area or are looking to expand to more areas.

4. Your vehicle will stand out when you’re on the road.

In a sea of solid-colored cars, a well-designed, wrapped vehicle will be sure to stand out. It’s this anomaly that makes a vehicle advertisement so noticeable to people on the road. Plus, it can make people’s commute more interesting. When drivers are on the road on their way to work, driving the same route everyday, seeing a colorful wrap on a car could really wake them up. The more creative the better! This one that we did for Mountain Safe is sure to get attention:

5. Vinyl can protect from regular wear and tear.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be the guy that gets a scratch on the brand new company vehicle. A vinyl wrap offers a layer of protection for your company’s vehicle so that the underlying paint can be out of harm’s way. To be clear, a vinyl wrap is NOT guaranteed to fully protect the car from damage. Think of it more like an extra layer, like a flannel or a light jacket. While this reason isn’t the most prevalent, it’s a nice little bonus to think about.

6. It’s simple to clean.

We recommend using soap and water to clean your vehicle after you get it wrapped. Hand-washing is the tried and true method of cleaning your wrapped vehicle. There is no need to buy any specialized cleaning solutions. Just make sure the water pressure is below 1800 psi and the water temperature is below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as you follow the care instructions well, your wrap can last.

7. Wraps can last up to 8 years.

This is a huge consideration when thinking about advertising budget. When a wrap is well-maintained, it can sometimes outlast the vehicle that it’s attached to. When you translate that time to ad spend over time, you’ll find that you’re getting a lot of ad exposure for your money. After our customers leave with their freshly-wrapped vehicle, we make sure they know how to properly take care of it from there to get the most out of their wrap.

8. You can get really creative with the design.

Like we mentioned before, the more creative the better! The beauty of using your vehicle as advertising real estate is that there are no limits to how creative you can get with it. We also understand that there is a fine line between creativity and professionalism. So when you’re picturing what you want out of your vehicle wrap design, consider how you want it to stand out in that sea of cars. Check out this one we did for B.T.R. Environmental:

9. Most companies have reliable warranties.

Okay, we may not be able to speak for most companies, but our vehicle wrap warranty is top-notch. Within that first year, if you ever have any small bubbles or tears in the wrap that was caused by improper installation, we will fix it for you–no problem. Just don’t take it through the car wash, because that will void the warranty! If you have any specific questions about our warranty, then feel free to reach out to us at (304) 413-0100.

10. You can support a local business in the process.

When it comes to getting your company vehicle wrapped, it is best to keep it close to home. Local businesses come to us because we know exactly where they are coming from. Since 2007, The Stick Company has been proud to wrap vehicles in Morgantown and surrounding areas.
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