Custom Design and Wall Wraps for WVU Art Exhibit

The Stick Company was excited to partner with West Virginia University for the design and installation of their 2018-2019 Library Art Exhibit. The exhibit, titled ‘Water: A cross-disciplinary exhibit exploring the significance, power & play of life’s critical resource’ is an educational yet artistic project featuring countless contributors. The exhibit featured several unique aspects including strategy, custom design, infographics, wall wraps, window wraps, stairway wraps, banners, signs and digital displays. The overall project involved nearly every team member spanning over the course of several months. The custom design included various statistics, artwork and research from WVU to accomplish their desired goal, while still keeping the overall gallery theme.

“We worked very closely with a number of people at WVU, but especially appreciate all the help, support, creativity and guidance from Sally Deskins, MA, who is the exhibit’s developer,” said Stick’s President, Damian Ferek. “Sally had a vision for this project and was extremely accommodating to our team for all of the unique aspects that this project included.”

One of the featured aspects of the gallery is the Adventure WV Stairway that connects the various floors of the library. The stairs became a focal point of all the great water-themed activities in which you can participate at WVU. The walls include larger-than-life wall wraps throughout, featuring the amazing photography of Gabe DeWitt. Gabe’s high quality photography allowed for the designs to enlarge nicely to fit the vision of the hallway. A special thanks to everyone at AdventureWV for all of their help and creativity, as well.

Like all projects, the strategy behind the gallery wall wraps was to get the most coverage and visibility while remaining within a budget. This included a number of unique aspects such as the stair wraps, entryway column wraps, and atrium window wraps specific for WV Land Trust. To learn more about the art exhibit at WVU Library, be sure to check out this link for upcoming events and hours.