Car Guy

Artistic Soul

Sticker Enthusiast

Freezing Right Now

Let’s say you’re an artistic guy who likes to draw and design cool things. You also really like the idea of putting stickers and decals and decorations on things — especially cars. You love and know everything about cars.

So, where would you say is the ideal place for you to work?

Welcome to The Stick Company, JC.

Originally from Waynesburg, PA, JC’s long and meandering journey has taken him to The Stick Company here in Morgantown. He spends his days printing, weeding, applying and installing decals and wraps to projects of all kinds. You’re likely to find him with a pencil in his hand, too, drawing or doodling whenever he has a second.

See that jacket on him in his picture? That’s always there. For some reason, the guy is always freezing. If you see him out doing an install, maybe offer him a blanket and a hot chocolate. He’d probably appreciate it.