STICK and HyperDips Team Up for WFBY Vehicle Wrap

WFBY is a local radio station known for their popular classic rock hits and bold, edgy culture and on-air personalities. Knowing STICK could get the job done, the radio station contacted us to design and install a vehicle wrap to reflect this distinct brand personality. Serving the role of a remote location for live broadcasting away from the station, the WFBY vehicle needed to be loud and eye-catching without looking chaotic or cluttered.

“The wrap is an explosion of complimenting colors and eye-catching designs,” said STICK designer and installer, Cullen “Scooter” Masney. “It was a fun wrap to install and I know it will give them brand consistency they were looking for.”

Showcasing provided musician photos, the vehicle wrap pulls together the core selection of music featured on the WFBY website. STICK worked closely with WFBY to deliver a product that was a brand specific and eye-catching mobile billboard. STICK also worked closely with HyperDips to give a makeover to the vehicle’s tires.

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