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At A Glance

Fun Fact:
Most likely to be doing the stuff that no one else wanted to do.

Notable Relatives:
We can’t think of any.

Favorite Go-To GIFs:

The Low Down

Introducing our agency intern, Stush Ferek. This Carmichaels native is currently a sophomore at WVU, pursuing his degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship as a recipient of the John Chamber’s Fellowship Program. To maximize his internship experience, we wanted to ensure he had a variety of opportunities within the agency to help kickstart his inevitably successful career. Well, that and he is still pretty quiet and hasn’t argued when we pull him in 20 different directions.

And, for those who noticed, Stush also carries a similar last name within the agency. But don’t let that fool you – we actually hold him to a higher standard than the average intern. He certainly learned the hard way that if our coffee is not hot, he will be getting us another one. 🙂

We must also complement Stush in breaking the Ferek family curse with timeliness. For those of you who have ever waited on or met with Damian, you’ll be happy to know that Stush is extremely punctual and does not operate on a 30 minute delay.