Garrett County Opioid Misuse Prevention Program partners with The STICK Co.

Another fantastic website is in the books for The STICK Co., and the message doesn’t get much more real than what’s delivered on the new AddictionHappens.org site.

The project is grant-funded through the Garrett County Health Department and aims to increase awareness, spread knowledge and share resources for anyone wanting to know more about addiction to pain medications. This particular type of addiction is a growing problem in Garrett County and residents there are taking a stand.

The STICK Co. is managing a large outreach campaign for the Program with the website as the central piece. STICK President Damian Ferek and Senior Designer Lauren Lamb worked hand in hand on the site’s design.

“This particular website and its message really hit home for me,” Lamb said. “My family never thought addiction could affect us. It did. It can happen to anyone. No one is above it and no one is immune. This is such an important message and I hope we successfully communicated the sense of urgency that this topic deserves.”

The website was designed with a bold color scheme and features relatable imagery. Addiction has many powerful statistics behind it and the STICK staff worked several of these into the central design. The site also includes a section where visitors can share their stories about opioid addiction, extensive resources and even a “street cred” test.

For more information, visit AddictionHappens.org.

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