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Branding is so much more than just a logo. It’s about creating the attitude, identity and persona that mirrors your company for the world to see. Yes, of course it includes a logo, but it’s so much more. Branding is about developing a comprehensive marketing plan, it’s crafting and enhancing your company’s core culture, it’s about ensuring your company stands out to your target audience, it’s about attention to details, it’s about creating an identity that say’s “This is exactly who we are” – we do that better than anyone else around.

Our team at The Stick Company understands the variety needs, demands and opportunities to create, or enhance, your branding and business brand identity.

Your brand is often the first experience a customer or potential employee will have with your company…

What is your branding saying?

The Stick Company's Branding Services

Brand Development

Whether you are a new start-up company, creating a new product, or creating an additional brand for an event or milestone, our team can help create your new brand development and strategy.

Brand Enhancement

Our Brand Enhancement services are perfect for a business or organization that has an existing logo and brand standard, but are looking to add or enhance with the addition of new marketing services.

Brand Re-Development

Our Brand Re-Development or re-design capabilities are tailored to those companies who have had an existing brand for a number of years, but looking to update or enhance their identity moving forward, whether a slight modification or entirely new concept altogether.

Event Branding

When it comes to hosting an event, your branding is a key element to the success and promotion. In a fast-paced world, simply letting people know about an event is not enough, you need to create excitement, engagement, and the desire to attend. And it takes more than just a pretty logo, you must create a plan and follow it through!

Brand Rescue

And then there is our Brand Rescue Service, for when things seem bleek or on the verge of no return. Allow our team of creatives to give life back to your brand, even in the worst conditions.


No matter what level of the company you are, from a new start up to a company celebrating its 100th year anniversary, your brand experience is still one of your most influential business tools. Your branding will help potential customers gain a better understanding of your company, not just from a capabilities standpoint, but also the culture and values your company represents.

Branding is also not just about growing the sales of your company, but it also plays a major role in your recruitment and internal culture. Every potential employee will research your company before making the decision to accept a position, or even interview with your company, and they will instantly form an opinion on the type of company you are from the way your present your brand. Be sure that your branding represents your company in the correct, and most accurate way possible.

At The Stick Company, we have tailored our services and process to help our customers get the most from their branding. From logo and identity creation, print strategies, website development, social media management to vehicle wraps, interior wall wraps, displays, signage and video, we can help ensure your brand tells your story.

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