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At The Stick Company, we recognize that the fastest growing trend today is the use of video marketing. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, the power of video has never been more beneficial in grabbing the attention of your audience and creating an engaged audience. Video is not only great for connecting with consumers, but is also leading the way with B2B marketing, as well! But, how long they stay tuned in depends on the quality of your production.

At The Stick Company, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable videography services to help take your brand to the next level. We have tailored our process to make your video production the most efficient, easy and fun as possible.

Online video has become the number-one way people are consuming content online today. And creating successful videos is a lot easier than you think!

Is Video Working For You?

Company Videos/Brand Films

There is no better way to tell the story of your company than using a company video or brand film to deliver the message. Video allows you to ensure the right tone, content, visuals and message is being delivered in an efficient and entertaining way.

Testimonial/Award Videos

One of the most engaging ways to tell your story is to have others do it for you! Allow our testimonial videos to feature select customers, community leaders or employees (hey, even your mom, if you want) to talk about your company and the values you represent.

Training & Safety Videos

When it comes to the efficient training and education of new employees, allow our training and safety videos to do the work for you. Carefully plan, script and film the required elements, and our team will take care of the rest. This then allows your training sessions to be efficient, as well as consistent with your content.

Social Media Content Videos

Turn your social media outlets into an educational and entertaining outlet using social media videos. Our team can help develop a content plan that allows you to maximize the amount and frequency of your video content to meet any budget.

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