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Transform Your Business

Have you heard of wall wrapping paper? If not, then it’s high time that you did! Exterior and interior wall wraps are a type of wrapping paper that adheres to walls and transforms spaces. These wall wraps can be made for any surface and enable you to show off your company’s branding, colors, logo, or other features.

Our team at The Stick Company love creating custom wall wraps, because of the way they can transform any space. Whether you are looking for a custom interior wall wrap, wall mural, exterior wall wrap, storefront wrap, window wraps, or environmental graphics, our team can help create a unique design for your environment that emphasizes your brand and enhances your customer’s experience.

Interior wall wraps are great for restaurants, hotels, schools & colleges, sports facilities, hospitals & medical facilities, retail spaces, gyms, commercial spaces, conference rooms, or anywhere you might be able to grab a client’s attention. Wall wraps also allow the opportunity for distraction therapy, a growing trend in hospitals, medical and healthcare facilities.

Allow our team of graphic designers to create your unique design for your next wall wrap, storefront graphics, or window wrap today. Browse our products and let’s transform your space together.

The Best Wall Wraps For Morgantown Business Owners

We create wall wraps that show off your business and generate interest around what you do. Transform your space with wall wraps graphics that transform your home.

Interior Wall Wraps

A wall wrap is a design, logo or collage printed on specific vinyl, which can be installed onto must kinds of walls to transform a space. Custom wall wraps offer an affordable way to create a brand consistent atmosphere or theme to a room, restaurant, lobby, medical facility or office. With interior wall wraps, the ideas are endless.

Exterior Wall Wraps

Exterior wall wraps allow you the ability to transform a space or the external part of your building into a themed design or advertising message. Our exterior wall wraps include storefront graphics, building wraps, window displays, window wraps, outdoor wall murals, building wraps, information graphics, and directional signage.

Distraction Therapy Wall Wraps

Distraction therapy wall wraps are specifically designed murals or graphics geared specifically to comfort patients during treatment, healing and recovery by providing a therapeutic distraction or calming environment. These therapeutic wall wraps are ideal for customizing environments in hospitals, healthcare centers, retirement communities, childcare facilities, and social service facilities.

Frost Vinyl Wraps, Decals & Privacy Film

Frosted vinyl wraps, or etched vinyl decals, are a great way to add a sleek look to doors or windows with a professional and classy presentation. Privacy film wraps offers privacy in offices, medical facilities and conference rooms with glass walls, glass doors or glass windows.

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