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At The Stick Company, we specialize in creating business websites that help enhance your company and brand for the world to see. Your company’s website is often the first impression that your audience may encounter, which is why it is extremely important to capitalize on this experience, and make the best first impression possible. Gone are the days when a pretty website was all you needed. You now need a full-fledged web presence that includes a custom website design, easy-to-use navigation, informative content and engaging videos, all while ensuring a mobile-friendly, and user-friendly, experience. And that is exactly what our team at The Stick Company does best.

Not only do we provide services to get your website up and running, but we also provide a range of digital marketing services that help drive traffic to your website, as well. From search engine optimization, social media management to our content creation, and website analytics, our digital marketing services are created to drive increased traffic, and your target audience, to your website.

Whether you’re using your website to drive sales, help with recruitment, educate your audience, or simply entertain, your online presence must engage your audience.

Does your website engage?

Website Development

Our website development process begins with a content-first approach, ensuring we set the right tone for your customers, as well as to create a targeted sitemap. We then create your custom design and cutting-edge programming to ensure the most engaging user experience.

Website Redesign

The way customers use and interact with your website is completely different than five years ago. Allow our team to help redesign your website and content to ensure the most engaging and successful experience for your company.

Recruitment & Hiring Websites

In today’s business environment, the biggest need or goal for many companies is recruitment. Allow our team to not only create an easy to use website design, but one that also tells your story, and builds trust as the employer of choice. Allow our team to help design, implement and market a hiring strategy for you.

Construction & Energy Websites

Since 2007, The Stick Company has specialized in working with construction and energy websites, tailored for a distinct audience. From commercial construction, trucking and excavating, to energy related websites for coal, wind and natural gas, our team has the industry experience to help make your next website as easy and efficient as possible.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are specifically designed pages geared to connect customers directly to sections of your website. We create specific pages around keywords and target audiences to draw additional traffic to your website.

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