LEER Mine Complex

LEER Mining Complex reached out to The Stick Company to help bring their visions (and office) to life! We both sat down at a table and brainstormed many ideas and LEER expressed their ideas and tasked The Stick Company with making that dream a reality and we did just that. Some already completed projects, to name a few,  would be front entrance door frost, hard hat decals, various logo designs, mine elevator wrap, conference room floor and wall wrap as well as multiple desk wraps. LEER and The Stick Company meet bi-weekly to keep up on new ideas and projects.


LEER Mine Complex Projects:

  • Front Entrance Frost
  • Mine Elevator Wrap
  • Foreman Table Wraps
  • Conference Room Floor & Table Wrap
  • Multiple Hard Hat Decals
  • Various New Logo Design
  • Yeti Cooler Wraps
  • Ballcap Designs
  • HR Office Wall Wrap
  • Equipment Decals
  • Mine Rescue Trailer Wrap
  • “Command Center” Wall Wraps
  • Videography