East Coast Underground


East Coast Underground (ECU), headquartered in Bridgeport, West Virginia, is an industry-leading directional drilling company servicing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. With an arsenal of specialty equipment, including a fleet of DitchWitch directional drills ranging in size from 10,000 to 120,000 pound rigs, the company was looking for a way to ensure their brand reflected the same quality and distinction as their services.

And as East Coast Underground continues to grow their fleet to meet the demands of the industry, so does the size of the vehicles within their fleet! The Stick Company worked closely with owner, Richard P. Domas Jr., and his team to create a solution that helps ECU accomplish their goals.


One of the biggest goals of the rebranding for East Coast Underground’s fleet was to provide a consistent brand for their company. Their team had seen a few different designs through their 14 years of business, and wanted to create a uniform look for the company and their brand awareness. What started as custom drill wraps for a couple DitchWitch Directional Drills quickly turned in a long term partnership as our team continues to help provide custom truck wraps, trailer wraps, service truck wraps, equipment wraps including pipe fusers and UTVs, and storage container wraps. Our team then worked with ECU to carry that brand identity over to their business cards, custom decals, tradeshow banners, and print ads.

Branding & Print

Vehicle Wraps