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Custom Real Estate Signs for Caitlyn Alexander


When driving through Morgantown, there are two things that stand out most — the collection of potholes in the road, and the plethora of custom real estate signs for Caitlyn Alexander! Caitlyn, an Associate Broker/Agent with Howard Hanna, Premier Properties by Barbara Alexander, has continued to work her tail off, becoming the HOUSE”Sold” name in North Central West Virginia for real estate.

Our team at The Stick Company has enjoyed our partnership with Caitlyn over the years, helping to both design and produce her custom real estate signs (that seem to grow in quantity with each order!). We have tailored her signage to include a number of variations, including custom For Lease signs, custom For Sale signs, custom Open House signs, and more.  In addition to the standard stepping stake signs, we have also produced larger, building signage and roadway signs, to capitalize on any available space she can utilize.


Caitlyn Alexander is an award-winning REALTOR servicing throughout North Central West Virginia for your residential real estate needs. To contact Caitlyn, be sure to visit her at https://www.howardhanna.com/Agent/Detail/Caitlyn-Alexander/58797, or by visiting her Facebook page here —  https://www.facebook.com/CaitlynalexanderREALTOR


How Much Does a Commercial Vehicle Wrap Cost on Average?

Commercial vehicle wraps don’t just protect the surface of your car. They can also double as advertisements on wheels, which can give your business more exposure and make you more money.

But is the cost of a commercial vehicle wrap worth it?

We’ve put together this guide to help you find the answer to this question. Make sure you keep reading below to learn how much a commercial vehicle wrap costs and what you can expect from the application process.

Do You Want a Wrap or a Decal?

Before you do anything with your commercial vehicles, you need to ask yourself if you want a wrap or a decal. Wraps don’t always cover the entire vehicle, so don’t assume you need a decal just because you don’t plan to cover the whole car. Otherwise, you may end up with a design you didn’t expect at a much higher cost.

So what’s the difference?

A vehicle wrap covers a large portion of the car, such as the sides or the entire surface. A decal is often a small design you can attach to the sides or hood of a vehicle. Decals are cheaper than wraps, but they also limit what you can do with them.

If you aren’t sure exactly what you want, make sure you talk to a professional first. They’ll be able to recommend the best service for your needs.

How Much Does a Commercial Vehicle Wrap Cost?

The average cost of a commercial vehicle wrap is about $3,000 to $5,000 (for full wraps). The price of partial wraps can be as low as $1,500 depending on how much and what part of the vehicle you want to cover.

Most companies will charge per square foot so you get a fair price for your vehicle.

That said, there are a number of things that can add a few more dollar signs to your commercial wrap job. Make sure you ask yourself these questions so you don’t get surprised by any “hidden” costs.

What Type of Vehicle Are You Wrapping?

You might think the size of the vehicle will directly impact the cost of the job. After all, large trucks have a lot more surface space, meaning they’ll need bigger wraps, which will make it more expensive.

For the most part, you’re right. But this isn’t always true.

Some cars have complex curves and edges that make the job much more difficult. Wrapping a semi-truck is faster and easier than wrapping a Mini-Cooper, so although a Mini-Cooper is much smaller, it will often cost you more money.

Make sure you talk to the company about the type of vehicle you want wrapped. Don’t just assume a smaller car will cost less.

What Type of Design Do You Have?

Before a company can wrap your car, they have to create the wrap first. If your design is complicated, it will take longer to make, which will make it more expensive.

This is especially true when it comes to color.

If you want to change the original color of your vehicle, you will have to get a special wrap that can cover it up. This type of wrap tends to be much more expensive than average. It may be worth sticking with the original color (even if it means altering your design somewhat) than paying extra for a color change.


How Much Are You Wrapping?

Do you plan to get a full or partial wrap? If you want a full wrap, do you also want to wrap the bumpers, windows, side mirrors, etc?

The more you wrap, the more you’ll have to pay.

How Long Do You Want the Wrap to Last?

You can apply wrap to your commercial vehicles that lasts for more than five years. However, if you want a long-term wrap, you may have to use a stronger material than normal, which can be more expensive.

On top of that, you’ll probably have to laminate your wrap if you want it to last several years. This will protect the wrap from getting scratched, ripped, or damaged, and it will also make the finished product look a lot brighter and nicer.

Is the Vehicle in Good Condition?

Your wrap job will last longer (and look better) if your vehicle’s paint is in good condition. Since this is the part of the car the wrap adheres to, even small scratches or chips can make the application a lot harder.

The wrapping company will inspect your vehicle before they do anything to it, and they’ll let you know if your paint needs any touching up before they install the wrap. You may have to take your car somewhere else to repair flaws in the paint job.

Since this adds an extra step, it also adds an extra cost, which will make the overall price go up.


Breaking Down the Cost of a Commercial Vehicle Wrap

So how much does a commercial vehicle wrap cost?

It’s hard to put an exact price tag on this job. Talk to a professional about the specifics of your vehicle, the design you want, and any other necessary features and ask for a quote. This will give you a good estimate of what you can expect to pay.

Not sure where to find a trustworthy company?

We’ve got you covered! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team if you have any questions or if you’re ready to set up an appointment for your vehicle.

Marketing Strategy Tips: The Undeniable Advantages of a Vehicle Wrap for Business

The global car wrap industry is worth $3.5 billion.

Vehicle wraps are increasingly becoming an accessible mode of marketing. In a world where marketing attention has shifted to social media, car wraps are still relevant, guaranteeing effective results.

This guide will discuss the undeniable benefits behind the success of a car wrap marketing strategy. Check them out.

Unlimited Exposure

Entrepreneurs who use vehicle wraps enjoy the benefits of a broader audience. This is because many people notice a moving car.

The majority of the people who see the car are those on the road or sidewalks. However, people on top of buildings and other zones can still view the moving vehicles with car wraps and get a few details about the advertisement.

The only limitation to the exposure is road obstructions.

Easier Attention

Vehicles with wraps draw attention quickly. Mostly, the wraps consist of bright colors, which are clear enough to see, even at a distance. Also, the graphics and the font tend to be large, making them easy to draw attention.

For best results, entrepreneurs can use medium-sized wrap designs. They should not be too large or too small. An excellent graphics designer can provide the best wraps for more natural visibility and profitable marketing.


Technological advancements have made it easier to print multiple wraps for the same products. You can, therefore, choose the ideal color, size, and prints that you think would fit well in the car or truck.

Besides, you can change the old car wraps. The versatility helps you to maintain a fresh look on your vehicle every time. Also, the high versatility makes it possible for you to identify the specific car wrap with the most impact on your marketing.

Protects Your Car

A good quality car wrap protects your vehicle from harsh environmental conditions. It also protects from the other damages that could harm the entire parts of your car.

Excellent protection prolongs the life of your company car, which saves you the costs of buying new cars or servicing the older ones regularly.


A car wrap marketing strategy is one of the cheapest for businesses. You only incur the cost once during the design and the installation process. The design is also cheap compared to the traditional and digital forms of advertising.

Also, a single wrap may stay on the car for an extended period. This means that you may not incur any maintenance expenses for years if the initial wrap still interests you.

Professional Impression

Car wraps advertising presents a professional impression. You can’t compare it to televisions, radios and the other medium that cause noise pollution.

The method is less aggressive, and it creates a good picture for your business. You can enhance professionalism by using less visually distractive pictures. Also, you should highlight your company name, products, and contacts for easier communication and understanding.


Car wrap marketing gives you the freedom to advertise what you want. After all, the car is entirely yours, and the design is yours too.

Some mediums, such as television ads, can restrict your freedom because competitors can easily take your position. Billboards can also be removed, and your competitors get the space.

If you adhere to your state’s rules and regulations for marketing, you will enjoy your car’s marketing technique by advertising any time you want.

Better Local Marketing

Car wrap adverts are the best for local advertising. They give you a personal touch and a customer-friendly method of reaching out to your clients.

For extensive marketing, you can readily drive the vehicle to any point of interest. The movement allows you to reach your local target clients with ease.

For instance, if you sell products in a certain neighborhood, you will only need to drive around that area. In this way, you will advance your local marketing and attract the right attention.

Active Marketing

Most types of marketing are passive. Social media, for instance, remains entirely passive unless you log in and post your content. Magazines, too, remain passive unless someone buys the copy and goes through the ad.

Vehicle wrap marketing is quite active, even when you are not driving. You only need to park the car in a strategic position and continue with other activities. People who will come across the car will get the message, which makes your ad quite active.

Choosing the Right Car Wrap Design for Your Marketing Strategy

The above benefits only apply to those who choose the best designs. Here are effective tips on how you should choose the design of your vehicle wrap to increase your marketing success.

Address Your Brand

The ideal car wrap should address your brand. It should mention the name of your firm, location, and company contacts.

If you don’t mention the brand, the wraps will be eye-catching, but you may not experience any customer feedback.

Gather Information

Find out the success tips for the vehicle wrap marketing. You can get information from online sources or experts.

You can also consider what your competitors do and copy them if they are successful.

Use Bright Colors and Fonts

Bright colors and fonts will enhance the visibility of the wraps. Conversely, the dark and small fonts will be hard to see and turn any potential clients.

However, it would be helpful to match the ad colors to that of your brand.

Add Graphics

Content without images would look boring. The graphics draw the public’s attention in a better way and make the other sections of the advert visible.

The ideal graphics should be clear and should be in line with the theme of the advert.

Invest in Car Wrap Marketing

Car wrap advertising is a supplementary form of marketing. You can use it alongside your other forms of marketing, such as social media.

The marketing strategy will work well if you observe your state’s rules and follow the above tips. Work with a reputable designer to get the best images and wraps.

The Stick Company is an award-winning branding and design agency. We help businesses grow by providing functional websites and designing incredible car wraps for their marketing. We have been in the graphics and design industry for 10 years, so we have in-depth knowledge and skills.

Call us to book an appointment for any of our services.

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Vehicle Wrap Provider

A great logo is the best way to make your brand more recognizable, but you need to get that logo in front of people if you want them to remember your company. On average, it takes at least 5 impressions for customers to remember a logo or brand name.

The best way to increase your brand’s exposure is to get your logo on your commercial vehicles. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to invest in a custom paint job to do the trick. You just need to find a vehicle wrap provider.

Finding a trustworthy company that’s willing to take care of your commercial vehicles isn’t always easy. Here are a few questions to ask before you choose a provider to wrap your fleet.

1. How Much Experience Do You Have?

When it comes to choosing a vehicle wrap provider, experience matters. Though newer companies may have the same high-quality equipment, they won’t be able to do the same quality work as a more experienced provider.

This is because every car is different and making sure that the vehicle wrap designs work with the types of cars in your fleet takes time and training.

An experienced company that hires technicians that have worked in the industry in the past will be able to do a better job every time. Make sure the company you choose has the right experience before you ever ask for an estimate.

2. What Will You Do to Protect My Car?

When you bring your fleet to a vehicle wrap company, you’re trusting them to protect your cars while they’re at the shop. Though some companies can work quickly and install the wraps in a few hours, others need to keep your vehicles overnight.

If you’re leaving your car on-site for any length of time, find out what the company will do to protect your car.

Ask for copies of their insurance policy showing that they’ll pay for repairs should your vehicle get damaged in the course of their work. Get their team to walk you through how they’ll protect your vehicle until you pick it up.

If you feel any qualms about their commitment to the safety of your property, keep looking. Reputable companies put their customers first and will do everything they can to keep your fleet in good condition.

3. Do You Design the Wrap In-House?

It’s always best to work with a company that handles its own vehicle wrap designs in-house. This allows you to make any changes to your proposed design quickly and guarantees that you know who you’re dealing with.

Companies that outsource the service to contract workers off-site often face delays in production which keeps you from getting your fleet back quickly. Worse, those designers won’t be able to see your vehicle to make sure the image works with the contours of the car.

When you choose a company that has an in-house design team, you’ll get better service every time.

4. Are There References I Can Speak With?

The best way to decide if a vehicle wrap company is worth working with is to look for references and reviews. Start by reading up on company reviews online and check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

If most of the reviews are positive, you’ll likely have a good experience and feel satisfied with their work.

Once you have a few companies in mind, don’t hesitate to ask them for a portfolio of their work. This will help you see if their wraps look as great on the vehicles as they do in the mockups.

It’s also worth asking if they have previous customers you can speak with about their services. Once they give you their references, contact those people and ask if they’re happy with the service they received.

Great providers always have an extensive list of customers that are happy to discuss their experience with you.

5. What Maintenance Will Your Vehicle Wrapping Material Need?

Vehicle wrap designs get exposed to the elements every single day. This means you’re going to need to do a little maintenance every week or so to keep them looking great.

Ask each provider what you need to do to keep your wrap in good condition.

This will help you narrow down your choices. The more labor-intensive the maintenance routine is, the more problematic the wrap will be. Look for a company that only uses high-quality materials that need a bare minimum of maintenance every week.

6. Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Before you commit to a design and schedule an installation appointment, make sure the company you choose is willing to stand behind their work. If they offer a guarantee on installation, they do so because they want you to be happy with their services.

The guarantee also protects you from having to pay more money to fix problems that pop up due to errors in workmanship or installation. If you’re getting more than one vehicle wrapped at a time, this can save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

If a company doesn’t offer a guarantee, keep looking. The last thing you want to do is have to pay twice for the same service.

7. How Quickly Will You Get the Job Done?

Every vehicle wrap company operates on a different schedule. Before you agree to work with them, make sure you’re okay with their current turn-around time.

Just make sure you let them know how quickly you need the wraps to get installed. They’ll let you know if it’s possible and will be able to work with you to bring your dreams to life.

Now You’re Ready to Find the Right Vehicle Wrap Provider

Before you choose a vehicle wrap provider, make sure you ask them these questions. Make a note of their answers and choose the provider you feel most confident in working with.

Remember, the best company will be able to stick to your vehicle wrap budget while still making your fleet look as impressive as you imagine.

Ready to schedule a consultation and see how easy it is to carry your brand’s information and personality onto your commercial vehicles? Read up on our services and see how easy it is to get your brand to stand out.

10 Reasons to get your company vehicle wrapped

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Our motto for the past 13 years has been, “We Stick Anything.” Since then, we’ve done a lot of wrap jobs; but the most common wraps we do are vehicle wraps. We have customers who have had their wrap for nearly eight years and claim that it is the best advertising investment for their company. Some vehicle wraps are all about style (those are our favorite). Looking back, we know that there are a lot of reasons why companies come to us to get their vehicle wrapped. Today, we want to share with you 10 of those reasons:

1. You can advertise everywhere you go.

This is a simple, but important reason. If you constantly have to travel for your company, why not advertise on the go? A vehicle wrap will ensure that everyone knows what company you are representing as soon as you pull in the parking lot. Another great aspect of advertising on your vehicle is that it isn’t an annoying way to advertise. Right now, we live in an age where so many people would prefer ads to be shorter or skippable; but a vehicle wrap is just there. There is no skipping it. It’s not annoying either. People understand that it’s your company’s vehicle, so you have the right to advertise on it.

2. People notice vehicle advertisements.

Not only is a vehicle wrap a good form of mobile advertising, but people definitely notice it. A study by the American Trucking Association found that 96% of people notice truck-side ads. That’s an amazing feat when you think of how many people skip video ads or ignore display ads! Since this way of advertising isn’t annoying at all, it leaves more room for people to appreciate the design and effort that was put into it. This wrap that we did for Gerrick Electric shows that subtle advertisements can go a long way:

3. The more you have to drive, the larger of an audience you reach.

A vehicle wrap is a gift that keeps on giving for a business. On average, a vehicle that drives 15,000 miles a year will reach 9 million people. So the more you drive with your vehicle wrap, the more people will discover your business. In most cases, the life of the wrap will outlive the life of the vehicle itself. This is an especially important consideration if your company is the type that has a larger service area or are looking to expand to more areas.

4. Your vehicle will stand out when you’re on the road.

In a sea of solid-colored cars, a well-designed, wrapped vehicle will be sure to stand out. It’s this anomaly that makes a vehicle advertisement so noticeable to people on the road. Plus, it can make people’s commute more interesting. When drivers are on the road on their way to work, driving the same route everyday, seeing a colorful wrap on a car could really wake them up. The more creative the better! This one that we did for Mountain Safe is sure to get attention:

5. Vinyl can protect from regular wear and tear.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be the guy that gets a scratch on the brand new company vehicle. A vinyl wrap offers a layer of protection for your company’s vehicle so that the underlying paint can be out of harm’s way. To be clear, a vinyl wrap is NOT guaranteed to fully protect the car from damage. Think of it more like an extra layer, like a flannel or a light jacket. While this reason isn’t the most prevalent, it’s a nice little bonus to think about.

6. It’s simple to clean.

We recommend using soap and water to clean your vehicle after you get it wrapped. Hand-washing is the tried and true method of cleaning your wrapped vehicle. There is no need to buy any specialized cleaning solutions. Just make sure the water pressure is below 1800 psi and the water temperature is below 180 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as you follow the care instructions well, your wrap can last.

7. Wraps can last up to 8 years.

This is a huge consideration when thinking about advertising budget. When a wrap is well-maintained, it can sometimes outlast the vehicle that it’s attached to. When you translate that time to ad spend over time, you’ll find that you’re getting a lot of ad exposure for your money. After our customers leave with their freshly-wrapped vehicle, we make sure they know how to properly take care of it from there to get the most out of their wrap.

8. You can get really creative with the design.

Like we mentioned before, the more creative the better! The beauty of using your vehicle as advertising real estate is that there are no limits to how creative you can get with it. We also understand that there is a fine line between creativity and professionalism. So when you’re picturing what you want out of your vehicle wrap design, consider how you want it to stand out in that sea of cars. Check out this one we did for B.T.R. Environmental:

9. Most companies have reliable warranties.

Okay, we may not be able to speak for most companies, but our vehicle wrap warranty is top-notch. Within that first year, if you ever have any small bubbles or tears in the wrap that was caused by improper installation, we will fix it for you–no problem. Just don’t take it through the car wash, because that will void the warranty! If you have any specific questions about our warranty, then feel free to reach out to us at (304) 413-0100.

10. You can support a local business in the process.

When it comes to getting your company vehicle wrapped, it is best to keep it close to home. Local businesses come to us because we know exactly where they are coming from. Since 2007, The Stick Company has been proud to wrap vehicles in Morgantown and surrounding areas.
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