LMNITRIX packaging designed by The STICK Co.

The health and fitness market’s latest brand will feature packaging designed by STICK. The LMNITRIX line will be launched in the coming weeks by Jeremy Corbitt and Emeri Connery, the experts behind Lmnitrix, a Morgantown, W.Va.-based fitness lifestyle company.

The LMNITRIX product line includes nutritional and exercise supplements. Melt, a fat burner, Veinz, a vasodilator, FOCUS, a pre workout and POST, a post workout, and a BCAA all have been developed in a variety of delicious flavors. The packaging created for the line will set it apart from similar products on the shelves through its bold and colorful design scheme.

STICK has been working closely with the LMNITRIX team to create the many pieces necessary to launch a successful national campaign. In addition to packaging materials, STICK will be launching the company’s website in the coming weeks, has created business cards, a large trade show booth for the Mr. Olympia show in Las Vegas, trade show items and other collateral.

“The fun in this project was watching the brand unfold into multiple products and keeping a consistency through all of the different pieces that we’re working with,” said STICK Senior Designer Lauren Lamb. “I’m really looking forward to seeing my designs hit the shelves on a product with such potential for national reach.”

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