Wall Wraps on the Eastern Shore

December 2, 2021

The Stick Company was honored to work with the corporate marketing team at The Green Turtle to create a custom designed wall wrap for their Columbia location, just outside of Baltimore, Maryland. The location featured a large, featured wall that seemed the perfect place to install a uniquely themed wall wrap. The only challenge was that it was a brick wall!

However, thanks to 3M’s LX480 print material, created specifically for such installations, our team was able to complete the project and ensure a seamless installation, despite the challenging contour. The final custom wall wrap was just over 60’ long by nearly 9’ tall.

For those who have never experienced a Greene Turtle location, it’s a unique sports bar and grille that is appropriate for all ages. They serve great food and drinks — which our team experienced first hand — in a casual environment, surrounded by your favorite sporting events. For those in the Morgantown area, be sure to check out the Morgantown location, or stop by any of their regional locations across the East Coast.

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