The STICK Co. rallies behind sick child on Deuce Strong

The STICK Co. recently launched a really special website called Deuce Strong. We donated our time, along with our photography friend Amberlee of Amberlee Christey Photography, to build a site for a little boy and his family that won us over without even trying.

Devon “Deuce” Williams is a 6-year-old boy who lives in Morgantown, W.Va. He’s dealt with way more than any child should and still faces getting through a double lung transplant. He was diagnosed with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia in 2013, which greatly affects his breathing.

STICK Co. designer Maria Ashenfelder spearheaded the project and the final product is as phenomenal as Deuce and his family.

“Deuce is such a happy, loving little boy and is such a fighter,” Ashenfelder said. “We wanted to give him a chance to tell the world his story.”

The site was designed with a light and airy feel. Great care was given to keep the tone light too even though the situation is a pretty heavy one. The content is written from Deuce’s point of view and our team used strong imagery to convey the tone and message.

To learn more about Deuce, his fight, his family and upcoming fundraising events, visit Deuce Strong.

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