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Advertising with Elevator Wraps

Boasting an impressive recall rate higher than 95%, elevator wraps are a modern form of non-traditional advertising ranking high in the minds of advertisers. But, why exactly is elevator advertising so effective?

“Elevator wraps are great for creating buzz around an event or product launch,” said Damian Ferek, STICK, LLC Owner. “They’re especially effective when you leverage elevator advertising in areas with high foot traffic and targeted demographics.”

Think about it. During the length of an elevator trip, there are few distractions. Naturally, consumers tend to casually scope their surroundings and glance at the four walls that enclose them. Within those few seconds—or perhaps minutes—consumers have the chance to not only see the visual appeal of the elevator wrap but also retain the message. Elevator wraps ideally serve several purposes:


  • Corporate Branding
  • Product Launches
  • Sponsorships
  • Event Branding
  • Event Promotion
  • Buzz Building
  • Brand Messaging


Unlike most forms of advertising that are purposely ignored amidst the thousands of brand messages surrounding us daily, elevator advertising is hard to overlook and gives elevator occupants a visual to look at during a typically dull part of their daily commute.

Are you interested in elevator wraps? We STICK anything in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. In addition to car wraps, vehicle wraps, trailer wraps and more, STICK, LLC is ready to equip your brand with elevator advertising tailored to reach your target audience. Connect with us on Facebook or contact us to learn more.

STICK Designs NASA Trailer Wrap

Long-time partners at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Fairmont, West Virginia contacted STICK to spice up the agency’s box trailer, used as a mobile education unit for the Robotics Alliance Project.

Robotics Alliance Project
After successfully working with STICK to install wall wraps inside of NASA’s Fairmont facility, the NASA team knew the guys at STICK had the skills to create a trailer wrap that would effectively brand and promote the program.

After the initial meeting, the STICK team was excited to get to work and implement the creative ideas for the trailer wrap.

“The design of this project was actually a lot of fun,” said STICK Owner, Damian Ferek. “NASA supplied various renderings that we were able to use for this project.”

The final result turned out to be six separate renderings combined to form the ground texture, NASA equipment and other components of the trailer wrap.

“There are a lot of eyes on a federal agency like NASA,” said STICK Designer Rob Guzik. “This will definitely spark the curiosity of people passing by.”

STICK is your industry leader in vehicle wraps, trailer wraps, food truck wraps and more.

Wrap Pricing 101

Wrap Pricing

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients interested in a wrap is, “How much does a wrap cost?”

While the answer isn’t entirely straightforward, we can give you rough estimates to help make vehicle wrap prices and other wrap pricing details clearer for you.

Check out our Wraps page where we display a variety of our different wraps.

Vehicle Wrap Prices and Other Wrap Prices Vary

Wraps are priced per square foot, but there are several additional variables that will determine the price of your wrap. For example, graphics kits are generally the cheapest wrap service while full wraps will cost more than partial wraps. Additionally, certain materials such as chrome wraps, carbon fiber wraps, textured wraps or brushed wraps will also affect wrap pricing. Below you’ll find typical benchmarks to help you get an idea of wrap pricing:

Dirtbikes: Graphics kits start at $100.

Quads: Graphics kits start at $100.

Trucks: Partial wraps start at $1,500. Full wraps start at $2,000.

Boats: Partial wraps start at$1,000. Full wraps start at $2,000.

Trailers: Partial wraps start at $1,500. Full wraps start at $3,000.

Vans: Partial wraps start at $1,500. Full wraps start at $3,250.

Oversized Trucks: Partial wraps start at $1,500. Full wraps start at $3,000.

If you have any questions about wrap prices, contact STICK today or connect with us on Facebook. We serve all areas of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


Vehicle Wrap FAQ

What’s involved in a wrap?

With any project, the details are different, but our approach will remain the same. All Wraps involve a number of phases. First, STICK will get an understanding of the goals and objectives of your project. Next, we need the appropriate measurements of your vehicle, wall or object to create our template. This template is used to guide the design. At this point, we are ready for design. STICK can fulfill all design needs or you can provide your own graphics from your agency or graphic designer. Once approved, the graphics will be printed and laminated to protect from abrasion and UV rays. Last, the wrap will be installed on your vehicle. The rest is magic! For more info, please read our Wrap Process here…

How is a wrap produced?

Your wrap will be printed on a Roland VersaCamm, a 54″ large-format printer. Think of it similar to a color printer at your office, only about 7′ long and nearly 500 pounds. The biggest difference between your desktop printer and the one that will print your wrap is that the wrap printers use a type of solvent ink that is much more durable than what you would print at your home or office. The wrap is then laminated with a vinyl laminate that adds to the durability of your wrap by protecting against chips, abrasions, and fading.

How long will my wrap last?

That depends on the application. If you are doing the inside walls of your business, the wrap could be good indefinitely, depending on sun exposure. Our vehicle wraps come with a 3 year warranty from normal wear and tear. Basically, if the wrap is peeling or starts to come up- call us and we will take care of it. If you hit a tree — you’re on your own.

Will a wrap damage my paint?

If your car has been in an accident and has been repaired, there is a chance that the Wrap will affect the underlying paint. Most factory paint jobs should be fine, as should a quality repaint, as long as the paint has had time to cure. This “cure time” is generally about 90 days.

How long will it take to do my wrap?

This depends on the job. A vehicle, for example, can typically be wrapped in a day or two depending on the complexity of the wrap.

How much will my wrap cost?

Short answer – it depends on the size and type of vehicle or office that you are wanting to wrap. It also depends on square footage of the vehicle. There are also other factors such as complexity of the vehicle, number of windows and door handles, as well as location. To get a gauge on the price, determine the square footage of the coverage area and multiply that by $15/ sq ft.

Learn more by visiting our Pricing page.

Vehicle Wrap ROI

Vehicle Wrap Return on investment




It’s been said that the general public is bombarded by thousands of messages like these per day. Billboards, signs, commercials, magazine spreads, newspaper ads and radio spots—companies are spending millions on exhausting their advertising resources only to find that consumers are tuning out traditional methods of advertising. Experts agree that this exposure makes it increasingly more difficult for advertisers to break through the noise of tradition and find a way to reach consumers.

Some companies, such as STICK, LLC client, Black Diamond Equipment Rental, have found a non-traditional answer in the midst of all the advertising chaos.

“Many customers tell me they’ve seen our wraps roaming around town,” said Black Diamond President Chad Teasdale. “There’s no doubt that our investment in the mobile advertising provided by vehicle wraps has caught the eye of consumers and driven them towards our services.”

So, what are the main benefits of vehicle wraps and why should companies consider investing in them?


Unlike TV or radio advertising, you can’t shut off the message of a vehicle wrap. Travelers are less likely to feel bombarded by the simple messaging of a unique, eye-catching vehicle wrap than by the obnoxious attention-demanding sights and sounds of more traditional methods.

In addition to its quality of messaging, its quantity of reach is quite possibly its largest benefit. In fact, Sign World explains that vehicle wraps have been proven to garner an estimated 30,000 to 70,0000 visual impressions per day.


All of this with an unmatched level of cost-efficiency makes vehicle wraps a viable option for companies that want to reach a large audience while maintaining a budget. In fact, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America cites that mobile advertising via vehicle wraps is a cost effective and efficient method of outdoor advertising, “reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising.”

STICK President Damian Ferek agrees.

“With wraps, you can turn your gas miles into advertising dollars,” said Ferek. “Our clients tell us they experience real Return on Investment after we’ve provided them with a custom, brand-consistent vehicle wrap.”


Interested in advertising your business with a vehicle wrap? Contact STICK today for more information about our service. We STICK anything.

Trailer Wraps: Advertising Outside of the Box

A trailer is essentially a big box used for transport or containment. A trailer wrap is much more—it turns this steel container into a key part of your company’s marketing/sales arsenal. A trailer wrap design can instantly showcase your products, services, or expertise by displaying your company logo and branding. Whether it’s catching eyeballs on the highway or attracting attention at a work site, a professionally designed trailer wrap is always working to build your customer base.

In this video, you’ll learn how STICK LLC works with clients to create highly stylized, professionally designed, full or partial trailer wraps. Many of STICK’s clients are industrial or construction companies whose trailers are not only traveling major highways but are also parked for extended periods at an active construction site. This translates into advertising directly to a key demographic, or to customers within your market.

We continue to do trailer wraps for high profile energy companies such as CONSOL that commissioned a full-size design showcasing their Enlow Fork Mine Rescue Team services. STICK has also created trailer wraps for catering or food service companies such as Ameila’s Elegant Catering which depends on generating new customers through highly visible, eye-catching brand signage while working on-site. STICK’s clients include landscape, or lawn service companies who can promote their business to entire communities while they are busy working in a neighborhood.

Recently, STICK successfully completed a wrap for a trailer that perfectly matched the design on the client’s RV so both vehicles had a consistent look. The client loved it.

From smaller, personal trailers to mid-size work trailers or even extra large travel trailers, STICK can do it all. STICK provides full wrap options for complete coverage or partial wraps from top or bottom panels to large graphic centers.

Whether it’s being towed down the highway or sitting at a work site, think about advertising outside of the box by transforming your trailer into a powerful brand recognition tool.

Wall Wraps:
Meet The “Biggest” Salesperson On Your Team

A simple white office wall, or a “wrapped wall”—which has more potential to attract new customers and boost your company brand?

Watch this short video and you’ll quickly learn how STICK can transform an office lobby, storefront, or even an entire floor with your company logo. Wall wrapping has the enormous marketing potential to become a powerful, eye-catching part of your brand awareness strategy.

STICK, a recognized leader in vehicle wraps, utilizes the same technology to incorporate artwork, photography, or any custom design and literally wrap it across an entire hallway, or create an accent wall to highlight your company logo.
You’ll see that STICK has worked with many high profile, regional, and national clients including NASA, Aeropostale, and Pro Performance Fitness Center. For NASA, STICK created a stunning 4.5 x 30 ft wall wrap that features a high-resolution photo of the Mars Rover on the Martian landscape that stretches the entire length of the office hallway.
Aeropostale contracted STICK to transform a barricade storefront wall into a giant billboard advertising the store’s grand opening.


In addition to walls, STICK can also apply a design to any interior or exterior surface, so it literally becomes your company’s biggest “salesman”. Windows, floors, and even ceilings can be wrapped to essentially greet visitors with a classy, contemporary design that reinforces your company logo, or brand. At STICK, we have wrapped everything from elevators, wall dividers, and high school gyms, to window storefronts and waiting room lobbies.


After watching this video, you’ll see that STICK can create a customized wrap specifically designed to showcase your business and what it does best.