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Getting Wild With Custom Building Wraps at Hovatter’s Zoo.

Hovatter’s Zoo, located in Kingwood, WV, contacted The Stick Company to help create a few custom building wraps for the entrance of their location. As one of the most visited family attractions in the region, Hovatter’s Zoo provides a range of exotic animals for audiences of all ages.

The Project:

After having a new entry gate fabricated and installed by Wilson Works Inc, Hovatter’s Zoo was looking to create a more visually appealing entrance for their customers. In addition to the gate, there was an additional need for a large sign wrap to serve as a photo background for visiting families.

The Design:

The customer was wanting a design that was eye-catching and engaging for customers but also featured the specific animals that call Hovatter’s home. The end result was a landscape collage that added each of the animals as their own layer, allowing for flexibility in placement. The new design incorporated the logo of the Zoo, ensuring the new design was both appealing and brand consistent.

The Installation:

With any custom wrap installation, our team takes the steps to ensure a smooth and successful project, and the custom gate wrap and signage was no exception. Our team went on-site prior to the installation to get exact measurements, as well as, identify any obstacles and challenges with the wrap not visible from photos. In this situation, because of the fabrication of the gate, our team determined that the design would need to be designed and installed around the handles and hinges of the gate, for the highest quality final product.

Our team then scheduled the installation for the most convenient time for our client, and completed the project utilizing four horizontal panels to best fit the project layout. 

Final Product:

The final product was a very bright and bold custom building wrap for the newly fabricated gate, and the front of the zoo entrance. The sign has served as the perfect backdrop for family photos, as demonstrated by The Stick Company’s own Damian Ferek and family. 

About Hovatter’s Wildlife Zoo:

Hovatter’s Wildlife Zoo is home to over 30 different species of native and exotic animals from all over the world. What started out as a small collection of deer, black bear, cougars and tigers has turned into a growing family of Chimpanzee, Grizzly Bear, various species of Orange and White Tiger, Spotted and Black Leopard, Ring Tailed Lemur, Baboon, and many other species.

To learn more about Hovatter’s Wildlife Zoo, be sure to visit their website at www.WestVirginiaZoo.com

About The Stick Company:

A branding agency like no other, The Stick Company offers a variety of custom building wrap and design services such as interior wall wraps, exterior storefront wraps, and signage. You can learn more about our wall wrap services here.

The Stick Company also specializes in a variety of design services for any wrap, digital or printed project. 

Our team would also like to give a shout out to Wilson Works Inc., of Morgantown, West Virginia for the custom gate fabrication. Wilson Works specializes in fabrication, Machining and industrial supply. To learn more, please visit their website at http://wilsonworksinc.com/

Damian Ferek Addresses Alma Mater’s Class of 2020

To say that 2020 has certainly been a year filled with uncertainty and surprises, would be an understatement. And for Damian, The Stick Company’s President, this past May presented an additional surprise, as he was asked to be the 2020 Carmichaels Area High School Commencement speaker. While initially thinking it was a practical joke, or that there was not going to be a graduation, he gladly accepted and was honored at the opportunity to address the graduates at his Alma Mater. 

“I feel the pandemic must have canceled their original 10 choices, but I was extremely honored and grateful at the opportunity and consideration” said Ferek. “But, more than anything, I think the Carmichaels Area School District should be complimented on their efforts and dedication to still host a graduation, despite these challenging times.”

Providing a cliff note version of his speech, Ferek detailed his background as a Carmichael’s Alumni, career notes, and thanked a number of Carmichaels Alumni that have helped along the way. 

The core of his speech then focused on what he felt it takes to be ‘A Mike.

A Mike will always have an undeniable work ethic. Maybe it is our small-town values, blue-collar mindset, or just a chip on our shoulder, but you will find that we will always work harder than anyone.  Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson may have said it best, – Be Humble. Be Hungry. and Always be the hardest worker in the room.

A Mike will always have the drive to get involved with anything and everything you can… Whether it is with school, work, family or your community, get involved and lend a hand. Find where you can help, and make it happen. And always adopt and rescue a dog or two. 

A Mike has the ability to create change.  And if the last few weeks have shown us anything, it is that our community, our state, and our nation need positive change, especially from you, our upcoming leaders. Be the driving force of change. — To quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr  — Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – So be that change.

A Mike has an appreciation and respect for everyone…  This includes race, gender, interests, financial and occupation. It also means we respect the generations that have paved our way.

A Mike has the ability to make a difference on your journey to success.

We’re Stronger As One.

There’s no doubt that we are in a crazy time in history right now and for many local and privately-owned businesses, we are having to either shut down our operation or work remotely if and where possible. This is such a difficult decision, as many of us juggle the health and safety of our family and community, as well as the stability and support of our company, employees and their families. 

But one of the most important things that I want to emphasize is that – just because our offices are closed, or that we are doing our part to quarantine ourselves, does not mean that we should stop working. Honestly, in the following weeks, it will be extremely important and beneficial to continue to work and support, not only your business, but our teams, our community, and all of those who are continuing to work during this pandemic. But, we most do so with a little more sensitivity, care and productivity.

Let’s face it — your marketing and your branding do NOT stop, even when the company is closed or disrupted like in unprecedented times like these. In fact, this is where branding comes into play even more, as it remains your connection with your customers and clients. You see, your branding is how people perceive, feel, interact and remember your company, and there has never been a more important time to showcase your values and culture than now. 

Let me stop and say – I know that no one wants to hear a sales pitch right now. So please, do not think that is what I am suggesting. But here are 5 things that I feel we can be doing to, not only help our own business, but our customers and community as well.

Stay home.

In full transparency, I was not the first to support this notion, as it immediately jeopardizes the well-being of our companies. Those of us who have spent years working to build something are now faced with the reality that it may be closing. But, no matter your view on the subject, we cannot or will not get through this unless we all work together and do our part — and right now, that first step is staying home for every one of us that can. The sooner we all do, the faster we can hopefully get back to normalcy.  We at least owe that much to the amazing people who continue to work during these times – healthcare, grocery, first responders, transportation, military, etc. 

Be productive.

I get it…in preparation for lockdown, I started preparing a list of household chores and things my family and I could do during this time… all those things that you’ve consistently put-off or delayed. But, also make a list of all the things you can do to support your business. You know – those same things you’ve been putting off!  Updating your website, writing some blogs, social media posting, saving pics from your phone….even just organizing and implementing a better storage organization. All these things are still beneficial to your operation.

Get involved.

No matter what you do, there is an opportunity to get involved and help, and now is the time to see where and how you can do so. I am not suggesting to put yourself in harm’s way, but look to see what you can do to support others — from companies still operating, our community organizations that are helping those in need, or even just your friends and family. Often, just being an additional voice can go a long way! 

Stay connected.

In a day when we are all connected to some device — make sure you also stay connected to each other. Stay in contact with your team, customers and local organizations. Offer help and support if and where needed, and even your services, if you can. Even a simple distraction from the craziness can go a long way. 

Support each other.

I am a true believer that we are all in this together, and stronger as one, so the more we can all do to help each other, will benefit all of us in the long run. If you are able to offer products or services, remotely – get involved: GREAT. If not, support and share the information about those doing positive things in our community and working to make a difference. Leave politics and all the negativity out, and do our part in sharing the positive and vital information in our community.  

In just the Morgantown-area alone, we have seen a number of encouraging stories. Such as all of the restaurants working to provide local children with meals while out of school, such as Crab Shack and Bartini Prime. We learned that Daniel’s Men’s Store and Hilltop Packs in Waynesburg that are using their talents and resources to create face-masks for our medical professionals. We have learned that Mylan Pharmaceuticals is working around the clock to produce medicine to potentially treat this virus. The list goes on – and we can all do our part in making sure THESE are the stories we remember once this is all said and done. 

Again, I just wanted to take a minute to encourage our fellow businesses and organizations to continue to stay strong, stay safe and stay active, for we will get through this together and are stronger as one.  Stay safe!

Unleashing A New Bobcat Truck Wrap

The Stick Company recently partnered with The Jefferds Corporation, of Clarksburg, WV, to create an updated Bobcat truck wrap design for their new flatbed delivery truck. The truck wrap design features the iconic Bobcat logo, and undeniable Bobcat orange color scheme, but with an updated twist that helps the vehicle standout on the road. Whether making deliveries to construction sites throughout West Virginia, or making sales calls to the energy industries, this Bobcat truck wrap will grab attention and ensure top of mind awareness for the brand. In addition to ensuring an eye-catching vehicle wrap design, the team at Jeffords Corporation wanted to ensure client’s knew that they also offered sales, services and rentals, which became part of the main design.

About Jefferds Corporation:

Jefferds Corporation specializes in equipment sales, rentals, service and parts dealer, servicing West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio. In 1970, Jefferds Corporation became the Bobcat dealer for West Virginia. In 2000, they created Bobcat of Advantage Valley in Cross Lanes to provide added focus and superior customer service on the Bobcat product line.

To learn more about Jefferds Corporation and Bobcat of Advantage Valley, please visit www.bobcatwv.com.

United Way’s ‘Pinnacle of Partnership’ Award Recipient

The United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties recently awarded The Stick Company with their Pinnacle of Partnership Awards for the 2020 campaign. Per the United Way, the recipient of this award exemplifies as commitment to improve the quality of life for Monongalia and Preston County residents throughout leadership in service and education, as well as a year-round United Way partnership. Damian Ferek, President of The Stick Company, was on hand to receive the award during the United Way’s dinner on February 25th and the WVU Alumni Center.

The Stick Company worked closely with the United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties during the 2020 campaign, including donating the creation of their campaign video. This year, the campaign featured seven campaign Co-Chairs to form Bankers’ United. The Co-Chairs were individuals from local banks who came together to help the campaign reach its fundraising goal.

And we are proud to say that the 2020 United Way campaign was able to exceed their goal, and raise $1,348,479 during the campaign! This money will go directly to supporting a number of local organizations and people here in the Morgantown area!

“We really try to be as involved with our community as much as we can, and were glad that we were able to play a small role in this year’s campaign,” said Kim Johnson, Vice-President/CFO of The Stick Company. “The United Way is such a great organization that benefits countless people in our region; it was such an honor for us to be able to work with them during this campaign.”

The United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties enhances the quality of life in our community by helping those in need through health, education and financial stability. To learn more about the United Way, and how you can get involved, please visit https://www.unitedwaympc.org/

The Stick Company Voted Best of Morgantown

For the second year in a row, The Stick Company has been voted Best Of Morgantown (BOM) in the category for Graphic Artists by the Morgantown Magazine, a publication from New South Media. The annual issue is a showcase of all of the great companies that North Central West Virginia has to offer, from dining, healthcare, and fitness to a variety of business and educational services.

“The team at Morgantown Magazine do an amazing job at putting together the Best of Morgantown Publication,” said Damian Ferek, President of The Stick Company. “Our team takes a lot of pride in receiving this award, especially with our laid back and non-soliticiting style approach. To be voted as one of the Best in Morgantown, speaks volumes on our team and all of their hard work and talents.”

Our team would also like to congratulate Blake as this year’s co-winner, Stewart Design!

Among this year’s winners for Best of Morgantown were Clear Mountain Bank, Classic Cutz Barbershop and WVU Medicine Children’s Annual Gala. Our sister company, Stick Tattoo Company, was also a finalist for Best Tattoo Shop.

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s Best of Morgantown. We invite you to subscribe to Morgantown Magazine, and stay current on all the fun and unique things they continue to showcase. Learn more at www.MorgantownMagazine.com.

The Stick Co is helping animals find homes for the holidays

The WV Rescue Drive is a regional campaign to help our local organizations, rescues and shelters find their animals a home this holiday season, and The Stick Co is proud to be helping them out.

Everyone deserves a home for the holidays, and our local rescue animals are no different! The WV Rescue Drive encourages and challenges our local businesses to all join together, and help create a social media frenzy, that will not only raise the awareness of these animals and organizations, but hopefully find as many of them homes as possible.

For more information, visit wvrescuedrive.com and see if you can help an animal find a home this holiday season.

Wall Wraps Honoring Tradition At Camp Dawson

Camp Dawson, a West Virginia Army National Guard and training facility, recently contacted The Stick Company to create a couple of enlarged photo murals for their hallways. Our team discussed the overall original goals of the Military facility, and then saw an opportunity to present some additional updated designs for the various wall wraps: a series of historical photos featuring imagery throughout the history of Camp Dawson. Together with their team, we created an oversized lobby wall wrap to serve as an eye-catching WOW factor when entering the building.

The combined efforts of both The Stick Company and Camp Dawson resulted in an eye-catching custom designed wall wrap that followed the original mural concepts, but added various design details to pull it all together for a seamless and efficient on-site installation of the custom military wall wraps.

Camp Dawson was established in 1909 in Preston County along the Cheat River. Camp Dawson is an ideal site for military training and conferences, while also offering rugged mountainous regions for specialized training. Camp Dawson is the home of the Mountaineer Challenge Academy, which helps train and mentor selected at-risk youth to become contributing members of society. To learn more about the Camp Dawson Event Center, please visit https://campdawsoneventcenter.org/


The Stick Company is a marketing and design agency that specializes in custom wall wraps for your business, organization or facility. Offering turnkey wall wrap services, our team can handle everything from the custom design, printing, preparation and on-site installation of your custom wall mural. Contact our team today to learn more.

Want to support your local veterans? Do business with these 11 veteran-owned companies.

We are advocates for using locally-owned businesses. This Veterans Day, we would like to highlight some of the locally-owned veteran businesses that we can all support through simply hiring them for their services.

At The Stick Company, we have always been a proud supporter of our veteran population in Morgantown. We are inspired by soldiers coming back home and fulfilling The American Dream. This is some of the most humbling branding work that we have done. Helping a veteran build their brand is something we take to heart and give our all to.

So while there are many veteran-support nonprofits out there, such as the United Service Organization and the Fisher House Foundation  that you can donate to, you can make an immediate impact with the local veterans in your area simply by doing business with them.


1. SMD Construction

Led and owned by Shannon Dugan, SMD Construction has over 20 years of experience in contracting. They specialize in home remodeling, lawn care, and snow removal. Shannon strives to keep projects on time and under budget, and exceeds expectations. Next time your home needs remodeled or your road needs plowed, be sure to keep them in mind!

2. Active Threat Consulting Group [website coming soon!]

Active Threat Consulting Group is a new company created by 12-year army veteran, Robert Presock. Equipped with training and experience in threat detection, Presock is looking to share his knowledge with businesses and communities that need it. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, you can reach them at (724) 231-5161.

3. Wilson Works

Are you a contractor or a DIY-guy that needs unique parts to build exactly what you want? Wilson Works has been providing for those needs since 1936 AND they are veteran-owned and operated. They provide such a vast array of services that they simply tell their customers, “If you can dream it up, we can make it!”

4. WVU Veterans

Are you a veteran looking to expand your education at WVU? We have been honored to support their events in the past and have always applauded the work they do for student veterans. Their center is dedicated to the helping veterans navigate their military benefits in relation to degree offerings at WVU.


5. Davis Excavating & Hauling

Do you have a hill near your house that needs a retaining wall or a driveway that needs paved? Any job, big or small, Davis Excavating and Hauling has it covered. They regularly update their Facebook page with current projects and wholesome updates, like this cat helping with a project for example. So give them a follow and keep them in mind for your next excavating project!

6. Brandon Rumbaugh

Brandon Rumbaugh is a true war hero who has seen the worst of Afghanistan. He lost both of his legs in combat, so he is no stranger to challenge. When he got home, he wanted to motivate others and share his story. You can now hire him to speak at local schools, sports events, or really to anyone that needs to get motivated. He always tells people, “I can guarantee you 110 percent that there is someone worse off than you who is pushing through it and moving forward right now.”

7. East Coast Underground

Founded in 2005, East Coast Underground specializes in performing directional drilling in areas with high concentration of rock. Owned by veteran Richard R. Domas Jr., this company is equipped with over 17 years of experience in directional drilling.

8. IT Mindshare

Located in Morgantown, IT Mindshare has won this year’s veteran-owned small business of the year award by The West Virginia Small Business Administration. Veteran-owner and founder, Jeremy Harris, started IT Mindshare with the intention of being a full-service IT firm. If your company is in need of IT services, hiring IT Mindshare is a good way to support a local veteran and protect your data at the same time.

9.High Ground Brewing

Sit back, relax, and drink a beer while supporting this veteran-owned craft brewery. Porters, ciders, IPA’s and more are all on tap at High Ground Brewing in Preston County. If you visit their brewery, you can expect live music, trivia on Wednesdays, and events that support the community. Not to mention that they are dog-friendly! So go check them out and try a beer. Supporting veterans doesn’t get much easier than that.

They are open to the public Wed. – Fri. 4PM – 10PM, Sat. Noon – 10PM, and Sun. 1PM – 9PM.

10. Mountain Laurel Kennels

Going out of town and need a place for your furry friends to stay? Mountain Laurel Kennels is a dog sitting service located in Morgantown that will make sure your dog gets lots of playtime while you’re away. Veteran-owned and family oriented, Mountain Laurel Kennels offers 2.5 acres of rompable land for your dog. Chances are, your dog will end up making lots of friends.

If you’re like me and haven’t adopted a dog yet, but still need a daily dose of adorable dog pictures to get you through the day, follow them on Facebook! They update regularly with fresh dog pictures and wholesome memes.


11. Operation Welcome Home

This local nonprofit has one bold and simple goal for Morgantown — make it the best city in the nation for returning warriors. Founded by Admiral Mullen in 2010, Operation Welcome Home strives to help veterans find jobs in the area in every way possible. They reach out to employers who want to hire veterans, host resume workshops, give advice on home loans-, and much more! If you’re thinking of donating to a nonprofit this Veterans Day, Operation Welcome Home is a great way to uniquely and effectively support your veteran neighbors.

It’s been an honor to help promote and build these brands for the same people that have protected our country. If you are someone that could use any of the above services — check them out. You won’t regret it. These businesses aren’t just veteran-owned. We speak from experience when we say that these companies provide quality service.


And to the veterans reading this — Happy Veterans Day, from The Stick Co. family.


The Stick Co. Co-Hosts The Ride 4 Kids

For the 2nd year in a row, The Stick Company, partnered with Triple S Harley Davidson, will be co-hosting the Ride For Children’s Hospital charity ride benefiting WVU Medicine Children’s. The ride will take place on Saturday, August 24, 2019 with registration beginning at Triple S Harley Davidson until noon, and then will venture throughout the region on a scenic tour of the countryside. The ride will include stops at Stone House Restaurant in Farmington, PA, The Green Turtle in Deep Creek, MD and conclude at Tropics in Morgantown.

However, maybe the most impactful stop on the ride is the initial stop on-site at WVU Medicine Children’s. This stop not only sets the tone for the ride in helping our riders understand the impact they have on the hospital, but also demonstrates to the staff and patients of the hospital a new level of support and encouragement as our convoy can be seen (and heard) entering Ruby’s campus.

This year, Ride for Children’s Hospital welcomes a title sponsor for the event, Compass Realty, of Morgantown, WV. Compass Realty is a Morgantown real estate agency dedicated to making the process of selling and buying real estate an easy one, and are committed to providing premier services to all of their clients. You can learn more about Compass Realty, as well as meet their team, on their website www.compass-realtygroup.com.

The ride also welcomes Black Diamond Equipment Rental and ATI Industries as sponsors of the event, in addition to our continued partnership with the Eight Eight Six Foundation and WCLG Rocks. Together, we can make a difference. Be sure to join us for the 2nd annual Ride for Children’s Hospital as we will be raising funds to directly support the expansion of the new WVU Medicine Children’s facility in Morgantown. Our goal is to ensure that the team at Children’s can continue to provide the best care for the women and children of our region.

To learn more about Ride for Children’s Hospital, be sure to check out the event’s website at www.Ride4KidsWV.com.

Interested in getting involved? We got you. Simply download our event brochure and view the various ways you can help make a difference.

????This New RV Wrap Has Us All Smiles

While our team’s initial reaction was to instantly become nervous when we saw a call from the dentist, our anxiety quickly turned to excitement at the opportunity to partner with the Monongalia County Health Department on the design, branding and wrapping of their newest division – The Smile Express. Smile Express is a mobile dental office providing excellent dental care throughout the community, while also working to educate and inform our community on the benefits of good dental hygiene. Our team was tasked in creating the overall branding and look for the vehicle, that would ensure that the Smile Express was recognizable throughout the community. Our Senior Designer, Maria Ashenfelder, worked closely with the Smile Express team to create the design concept, logo, and RV wrap design, all reflecting a fun, modern and eye-catching design that allows the mobile dentist office to be appealing to all ages.

Once the design phase was complete, the vehicle was pulled into our garage for the full exterior makeover, which features a custom full vehicle wrap front to back and top to bottom. The installation, which was overseen by our Wrap Division Manager Jarrod Miller, took nearly a week to apply, including over 200ft of vehicle wrap material onto the vehicle, while molding to all of the RV’s unique configurations. The final product is an eye-catching and engaging mobile dental office featuring a full vehicle wrap with custom design.

The Smile Express provides services throughout North Central West Virginia including Morgantown, Fairmont, Bridgeport, Clarksburg and beyond. They focus on school-aged children and adults who need assistance with access to dental care. Their fantastic traveling team consists of a dentist, public health dental hygienist and a dental assistant. To learn more about the Smile Express, be sure to visit their website at https://www.monchd.org/smile-express.html or follow their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/mchdsmileexpress/.

The Stick Co. Launches A Digital Division

For over 12 years, The Stick Company has been dedicated to creating and enhancing a company’s brand identity through graphic design, website development and vehicle wraps. Now, our agency is excited to announce the launch of our Digital Division, allowing us to take your brand a step further through the addition of such services as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Videography. These services are now a vital tool for our customers to compete in today’s online environment and allow our team to enhance our customer’s digital brand experience.

To help with the expansion, The Stick Company has made some changes and additions to the team to grow this division. Matthew J. Darnell, the agency’s Senior Programmer, has been promoted to the Director of Digital within the agency, combining his years of experience with website development, content and design. Matthew (also known as MJD if you are lucky), will help oversee our digital expansion to ensure our projects are achieving a new level of user experience for our customer’s online and digital brand.

“I’m so glad we’re doing this,” said Darnell. “The expansion of our digital division is going to allow us to better meet our clients’ needs. These are the things they ask for, and now, we’re better able to help them meet their goals. I’m really excited about the team we’ve put together. We’re all excited about the work we do, and it’s important to us to do it well.”

In addition, the agency recently welcomed the talents of two West Virginia University Alum with the addition of Jake Shockley and Allison Stickel. Jake Shockley, a Morgantown native, brings his videography talents and experience to the team, pushing the growth of our video services. Video has become one of the most successful tools in today’s digital environment, allowing you to engage customers, and tell your company’s story quickly and easily. We are dedicated to providing quality brand films, interviews and social media content without an unrealistic price tag. These videos can be used to grow your company’s website content, as well as engage your social media audience.

And that is exactly where Allison Stickel, the agency’s Digital Strategist, can expand your brand to new audiences. Allison, an Ohio Valley native, brings her unique talents and experience to the team, specializing in getting more traffic for your online experience. With a passion for data and analytics (yes, she is human), she takes this information and formulates the best plan for our customers based on their current online goals. Whether our customers are looking for better search engine results, conducting a recruitment campaign, or simply wanting more online traffic, Allison will help create the right plan for you.

“I am excited at the growth and addition of our digital division within the agency, and feel we have the right team and the right services to continue to best serve our client’s needs.” said Damian Ferek, President of The Stick Company. “From day one, we have focused our agency’s services on being a leading branding agency with our design, website and wrapping services. Now, our new digital division will complement these services and allow our customers to reach new audiences and increase their engagement to achieve the best online experience possible. As a branding agency, our goal is to ensure the most people are seeing your identity as possible.”


The Stick Company, located in Morgantown, West Virginia, is a branding agency like no other, offering a variety of marketing and design services such as brand identity, print design, website design, videography, search engine optimization and social media. The Stick Company also features the region’s most experienced vehicle wrap and interior wrap team, providing quality wrap products such as car wraps, trailer wraps, wall wraps, window wraps, decals, banners, signs and more. And as our Wrap Team motto says — We. Stick. Anything. Contact our team today to learn more about our company and branding services.

Stick Company Unveils United Way’s 2020 Campaign Video

The Stick Company was honored to partner with the United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties on the production of the 2020 Campaign Video. In addition to the campaign video, our team helped produce this year’s campaign chairs’ Introduction Video, shown at the United Way’s Community Leaders’ Breakfast hosted at Mon Health Medical Center. This year, the campaign is being organized by seven different bankers from within our community, including our friend Harry Hayes from Clear Mountain Bank, to form ‘Banker’s United — Invest In our Community’.

Our contribution and production of these videos was a great way to showcase the recent growth of our Videography Services, including the addition of Jake Shockley. Jake is an extremely talented Videographer who deserves all the credit for the production and quality of the videos.

“Working with The Stick Co. to do our United Way 2020 Campaign Video was an amazing experience! They were easy to work with and quickly responded to our questions. And the video itself? Wow! It was so professional, and the quality was superb. We debuted it at our Community Leaders’ Breakfast, and the response was so positive, with people telling us it brought on a wave of emotions and how it was the best campaign video in years. Working with Damian and Jake was a dream. Thank you so much!”
– Amanda Posey
Director of Marketing and Communications
United Way of Monongalia and Preston Counties

Like any successful project, it required a great team effort to bring this year’s campaign video to fruition, and we appreciate all of the hard work, creativity and dedication from the team at The United Way, Eric Minor – Director of Student Careers and Opportunities at West Virginia University, and all of the Media Embracing the Community support teams.

We look forward to expanding and strengthening our partnership with the United Way moving forward.

We Say Goodbye To Ondrea, Our Favorite Intern

The Stick Company would like to recognize the talented and wonderful Ondrea Yoho on the completion of her summer internship. Ondrea hit the ground running, just a few short months ago, and instantly became a valuable member of our team helping with a variety of design and client needs including her contributions to our own internal marketing needs. In addition to her creativity, we certainly utilized her friendly and vibrant personality in being our front line with communication for visitors and customers.

And while we are generally never the type to pick favorites, it was nearly unanimous that Ondrea is officially our team’s All-Time Favorite Intern! The only opposed voice coming from our Wrap Division Manager – Jarrod Miller – who, until recently, had previously (self-proclaimed) that distinct honor from his internship back in 2008. Little does Jarrod know that even his own beloved canine sidekick, Murphy, agreed with Ondrea’s well-deserved distinction.

From all of us at The Stick Company, we wish Ondrea the best of luck in her Junior year at West Virginia University where she is majoring in Design Studies with a Minor in Business Administration. Hopefully her internship with our eclectic team does not have her rethinking her career too much!

Be sure to come back and visit!
(Please bring food.)

Work Spotlight: Patriotism

One of the most iconic design elements we get to work with is the American Flag, and our team at The Stick Company does so with great honor. In observance of this year’s Independence Day, our team took a look back on a few of our favorite patriotic projects that feature our client’s love for our country. These projects include some of the biggest projects we have done including a 40+ foot fuel tanker wrap for KML Trucking in Bridgeport, WV, to one of the smallest with a custom cranial band/helmet wrap for our little friend. And of course, a few things in between, including a vehicle wrap for American Homes, equipment wraps for East Coast Underground, website design for Wilson Works Inc, and a new logo and identity package for Top Gun Sealcoating.

“We are the land of the free, thanks to the brave. Let’s pay tribute to our American Heroes, today and everyday.” From all of us at The Stick Company, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.

The Stick Co. Honored To Be Part of ‘Wall of Honor’

The Stick Company was honored to be a part of such a special project as the Wetzel County ‘Wall of Honor,’ located in New Martinsville, WV. The wall features the names of past and current members of all armed forces from Wetzel County. The wall is lit 24 hours a day and has a touch screen computer that will locate the person’s name that is being looked for.

The Stick Company’s Maria Ashenfelder worked to help design wall wrap graphics through the direction of American Legion Marne Post 28 to serve as an ongoing memorial, right here in our home state of West Virginia. Our Wrap Team installed the outdoor wall graphics on-site to serve as a constant reminder and memorial for all of those who serve our country.

From all of us at The Stick Company, we thank you – all of our past, present and future veterans – for your service.

The Stick Company launches HelloHome Mortgage Campaign for Clear Mountain Bank

The Stick Company was excited to work with Clear Mountain Bank’s Mortgage and Marketing teams to help create the new branding for their recently launched online loan application. The goal for the campaign was to take the concept of HelloHome Mortgage and create a distinct and catchy campaign that provided a mascot or iconic design element while still remaining brand consistent with the bank’s brand standards. Our team focused on a variety of concepts and directions and felt something light and fun – that was different than the traditional house icon/logo – and introduced the HelloHome dog. Once our four-legged friend was welcomed into the campaign, things all started coming together. We have even been working to fetch out some brand-consistent content to mirror the playful direction of the campaign.

While the campaign was just released in March, there have been a number of aspects created for the campaign including the logo, brand identity package, cards, brochures, videos, signage, print ads, website landing page and digital displays. A number of elements are still being introduced as the campaign gains momentum moving forward.

So, what is HelloHome?

HelloHome Mortgage, powered by Clear Mountain Bank, is your new best friend when buying a home! This online platform will guide you through the online mortgage loan application process, while taking you through the steps as quick and easy as possible. Your time is valuable and HelloHome Mortgage will have you taking a walk in the park in no time.

Learn more about HelloHome Mortgage or contact one of Clear Mountain Bank’s friendly and knowledgeable mortgage loan specialists today by visiting their site at www.clearmountainbank.com/mortgages/.

Newest Stick Co. Additions

The Stick Company is excited to announce the recent addition of our newest team members joining our Wrap Division. Jimmy Nolan of Fairmont, and Steve Adkins, originally of Bridgeport, WV both joined our squad early this year, bringing their wrap experience to our installation team. Jimmy had previously owned and operated his own wrap installation company in Kentucky before relocating back to the Mountain State. And Steve… well, Steve brings an unmatched level of energy to the team, despite his quiet demeanor. Both have hit the ground running, working on a number of wrap installs for clients like East Coast Underground, Parcs Superstores and Star Furniture.

In addition, our team welcomed Ryan Huffman, of Morgantown, to the team back in 2018, helping oversee and manage our fast-paced print production (so fast, in fact, that we forgot to make this announcement). Ryan brought a wealth of installation, production and print management experience to the team, as well as a whole new genre of music for our playlist…. Instrumental Motion Picture Soundtracks (yes, really). Some days feel as though we are marching into Rome to the Gladiator soundtrack, or braving the rough seas to the smooth sound of the Pirates of the Caribbean – but, regardless, our team sails forward thanks to his organization and print scheduling.

To learn more about our three newest additions, or to learn more about our entire team, be sure to visit our team page here!

The Stick Co. Voted Best of Morgantown Graphic Design Services

The Stick Company was excited and honored to be recognized as Morgantown’s 2019 Best Graphic Design Service, as voted by the readers of Morgantown Magazine. This was the first year the magazine included this category as part of their highly anticipated annual publication, and our team appreciates the votes and support from all of the readers (or well, at least those who voted for us. ????) This recognition is truly a reflection of all of the amazing clients, partnerships, vendors and colleagues that we have been fortunate to work with over the years, and would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your continued support and friendship.

President Damian Ferek and Wrap Division Manager Jarrod Miller were on hand on Wedesday, February 19 to receive the recognition during the Best Of Morgantown festivities at 123 Pleasant Street. The evening featured all of this year’s winners in a networking/recognition event capped by a performance by The Davisson Brothers. Though, the highlight of their night was enjoying the array of food, drinks and dessert samples from all of the other BOM winners.

And no night would be complete without a few photos from our friends at Amberlee Christey Photography and Berlee Booths Photobooths.  We would also like to congratulate our friend, and photography partner, Amberlee Christey Photography on being selected as the 2019 Best Photographer in Morgantown. If you have not seen Amberlee’s work, be sure to visit her website at www.AmberleeChristey.com.

We would also like to give a shout out to our friends and clients at Clear Mountain Bank, Farmhouse Cafe, Pro Performance, Jamie Summerlin and Classic Cutz Barbershop for their recognition, as well as WVU Medicine Children’s on receiving the award for the Best Fundraising Event for their annual gala.

Our team would like to thank everyone at the Morgantown Magazine for all of their work and dedication to this region, and their ability to put out such a great publication year after year. We love how this magazine shows the love and support of our local businesses and helps highlight all of unique businesses and success stories that are found right here in our region. If you do not subscribe to Morgantown Magazine, or would like to check out a copy of this year’s Best of Morgantown issue, be sure to check out their site here <https://www.morgantownmag.com/bom/>.

Congratulations to all of the 2019 Best of Morgantown Award Winners!