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Clear Mountain Bank Bridgeport Grand Opening

The Stick Company would like to congratulate Clear Mountain Bank on their recent opening of their Bridgeport branch located in the White Oaks Development. The new branch features a variety of high-tech innovations to make their customers’ experience as easy and convenient as possible. The Stick Company was happy to assist with some interior design and marketing as we assisted with wrapping the conference room walls with frosted vinyl, designed the entryway artwork, and helped design the interactive tablet screens for customers to utilize while they wait. Additional print ads and designs were created to help spread the awareness of the new location.

Clear Mountain Bank is a locally-owned and managed community bank serving north-central West Virginia and western Maryland. Clear Mountain Bank offers a comprehensive array of banking services. The bank is a leader in providing electronic banking services, including mobile banking and remote deposit. To learn more about Clear Mountain Bank, please visit their website at www.clearmountainbank.com.

Custom Design and Wall Wraps for WVU Art Exhibit

The Stick Company was excited to partner with West Virginia University for the design and installation of their 2018-2019 Library Art Exhibit. The exhibit, titled ‘Water: A cross-disciplinary exhibit exploring the significance, power & play of life’s critical resource’ is an educational yet artistic project featuring countless contributors. The exhibit featured several unique aspects including strategy, custom design, infographics, wall wraps, window wraps, stairway wraps, banners, signs and digital displays. The overall project involved nearly every team member spanning over the course of several months. The custom design included various statistics, artwork and research from WVU to accomplish their desired goal, while still keeping the overall gallery theme.

“We worked very closely with a number of people at WVU, but especially appreciate all the help, support, creativity and guidance from Sally Deskins, MA, who is the exhibit’s developer,” said Stick’s President, Damian Ferek. “Sally had a vision for this project and was extremely accommodating to our team for all of the unique aspects that this project included.”

One of the featured aspects of the gallery is the Adventure WV Stairway that connects the various floors of the library. The stairs became a focal point of all the great water-themed activities in which you can participate at WVU. The walls include larger-than-life wall wraps throughout, featuring the amazing photography of Gabe DeWitt. Gabe’s high quality photography allowed for the designs to enlarge nicely to fit the vision of the hallway. A special thanks to everyone at AdventureWV for all of their help and creativity, as well.

Like all projects, the strategy behind the gallery wall wraps was to get the most coverage and visibility while remaining within a budget. This included a number of unique aspects such as the stair wraps, entryway column wraps, and atrium window wraps specific for WV Land Trust. To learn more about the art exhibit at WVU Library, be sure to check out this link for upcoming events and hours.

The Stick Co. launches new website for Entegra Energy

Entegra Energy Solutions, a Bridgeport, West Virginia based oil and gas company recently partnered with The Stick Company to launch their new website. The new website was triggered by the company’s continued growth and expansion into new and additional oilfield services and needed a website that reflected the full breadth of the company. The solution resulted in a responsive website that featured specific landing pages for each of the services, including detailed capabilities under each service, as well as jobsite photos. You can view the website at www.EntegraEnergy.com

The Stick Company also worked with Entegra Energy to brand their fleet of trucks, wrapping each tailgate to mirror the website design, and detail the various services of the company.

In addition, a recent employee hiring push called for some design needs including newspaper ads, flyers, signage and social media graphics for the new hiring campaign. Entegra Energy wanted to ensure the design highlighted all of the benefits of working for the company, as well as other key information. This information was onhand at the WV Energy Expo, held in Morgantown, WV. The event as a joint hiring and sales event allowing Entegra to showcase their services, but also look for potential employees. You can see more on the WV Energy Expo at www.WVEnergyExpo.com

Entegra Energy is the local expert on all things energy. From Roll-Off Truck Services, Waste Management and Equipment Rental to Fabrication, Well Hookups, and Pipeline services, as well as Environmental & Industrial Cleaning Services, we are dedicated to your success.

Prepare for your tradeshow with help from The Stick Co.

Pre-Show Promotion:

As the show approaches create excitement around your company by promoting the event and emphasizing your attendance. The reason to participate in trade shows is to generate leads, so starting that process – even before the event starts – is a great first step. The more hype and promotion you can generate for both you and the event, the more value you will see. If anticipating doing a raffle or giveaway at the event, be sure to promote that in your message!

Utilizing email, eblasts, social media and flyers are a great way to help your pre-show marketing and promotion.

Stand Out from the Crowd:

Visually stimulate attendees with a high quality and visually appealing display. And your visuals do not need to be the most expensive in order to be successful, but ensuring an eye catching display that reflects your branding, quality and culture is key. Your brand and image is often the first impression you will give, so ensuring that your display reflects your brand is a vital step for your event’s success.

Ensuring the quality of your display with a professional tablecloth, backdrop banner, vertical banner stands or pop-up displays is a great and affordable way to stand out from the crowd at your next tradeshow.

Educate and Inform:

As you work to draw people to your booth, do not let them leave without some form of marketing, whether a business card, flyer, brochure or catalog. By providing some leave-behind material, you are ensuring that your products and services remain top- of-mind with your potential customers.

This is also a great way to introduce, or even remind customers, about additional products or services you may offer. Often in today’s fast-paced world, customers may remember only a few of your capabilities. By providing printed material, you ensure they are reading and taking back the most updated information on your company. And, although we are in a digital world, having a few printed marketing materials provides instant credibility.

Engage Your Audience:

Being at a tradeshow is a major step for your marketing and sales growth, but how you or your team conducts themselves while at the show reflects directly on you as a company. Having your team stand at the booth presents a more welcoming and engaging presence for people to come and talk with you. It also keeps you more alert for potential customers or vendors that may be passing through the event.

We strongly urge you to resist the need to check your phone and email every 10 minutes, or for having your booth personnel appear to be – let’s just say ‘uninterested’ – while working the event. You can have the greatest booth and marketing material at the tradeshow, but if your team lacks enthusiasm and engagement, that effort may be lost.

Post-Show Marketing:

After the show is over, there is still work to be done. From timely follow-up emails and answering questions, to ensuring your website displays your updated and current products and services is extremely important. As we said, the goal of any tradeshow is to generate leads and top-of-mind awareness, and once that occurs, if someone is then driven to your website, or has a great, engaging conversation, and then your website contradicts your products and services or looks extremely out of date – then you risk losing all of the value and momentum you created at the event.

Be sure to take a few minutes and update your website and marketing material before the event so that it reflects your company well. Also, be sure to follow-up on leads and contacts in a timely manner. And do not be discouraged if you do not receive an immediate response or contact – everyone else is also busy working to do the same thing – but taking the initiative to email and stay in contact is a great final step for your post-show marketing.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on any of the items mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact our team to see how we can help. Our goal is to help you take your branding and marketing efforts to the next level, and your participation in tradeshows is a great step in that direction.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on any of the items mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact our team to see how we can help.

Boston Beanery Launches New Marketing Campaign

The iconic Boston Beanery Restaurant and Tavern has recently launched a new marketing campaign to reengage itself in the community. After a recent change in ownership, The Stick Company was contacted to help provide an updated brand and image to the restaurant, that was not only fresh and modern, but also incorporated the core values of a community pub and tavern into the message. Established in 1983, The Boston Beanery has been a destination of choice in the North Central and Southwestern Pennsylvania region for over 25 years, currently with two locations in Morgantown, WV, and another location in Uniontown, PA. The restaurant has a distinct charm thanks to its relaxed environment, great food, and vast drink selection, and The Stick Company was tasked with conveying this message that helped the restaurant reconnect with the community.

In recent years, The Boston Beanery has seen a few different logo and name changes as past owners tried to take the restaurant in different directions, which then prompted our first marketing goal to re-establish the brand. Our goal was to help recreate the original concept, prompting our new tagline and theme, “The Way Its Supposed To Be.” This would end up being our driving force of marketing change. Our team first designed the updated logo, utilizing the core of the original design as our starting point and then applied some type and element changes to give a more distinct and crisp look to the logo. Once the new branding was established, our team starting working on the online presence of the company, helping connect the culture and environment to its customers. The new website featured an updated menu, information on the three locations, and history about the location.

Following the launch of the website, additional print and social media ads were created to help promote the launch of the new site, and reinforce our campaign goal of reestablishing the restaurant as one of the most recognizable locations in the region. To see more on the Boston Beanery, please visit their website at www.BostonBeanery.com.

April is Truck Month at The Stick Co.!


Our favorite thing to do at The Stick Co. is to bring an everyday, mundane truck into our garage and send it back out as an eye-popping, attention-grabbing, branding and advertising machine. Take advantage right now! All April long, we’re offering 15% off ALL truck wraps. Don’t wait! Fill out the form below and tell us how we can turn your transform your truck(s). Our sales team will be in touch ASAP.

How does it work?

  • Discount applies to all full and partial wraps designed and scheduled by April 30, 2018
  • What if our April install schedule is full? No problem. We will extend the discount for any truck wrap we can’t fit into our install schedule

2018 Morgantown Chamber Award

We are both excited and humbled at The Stick Company to have been selected as one of the 2018 Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce business award winners. Recipients were recognized for various achievements and community involvement throughout the year, as well as their overall commitment to the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce. 

In addition to being selected as the Medium Size Business of the Year, our agency was also contracted to do this year’s award videos. We had a lot of fun working with each company, highlight some of the areas most influential and inspirational stories. We are excited to share our video here:

To see all of the award videos from the 2018 Annual Dinner, please visit the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce website here

When visiting the chamber website, be sure to experience the new homepage recently designed and implemented by our team. While the site is ultimately controlled and powered by a program called ChamberMaster, which is an internal tool that runs the Chamber’s membership and database, our team did have the ability to update the homepage to make it more engaging in informative for the members. 

Since 2007, The Stick Company has been a long-standing member of the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce. Recently, in 2017, owner Damian Ferek was nominated for a position on the chamber’s Board of Directors, also serving as the chair of the marketing in membership committee.

From all of us at The Stick Company, we would like to thank our family, friends, colleagues, customers and business partners, as well as, the Morgantown area Chamber of Commerce for this fantastic recognition. 

Producers Supply Co. Website Redesign and Brand Video

Producers Supply Company (PSC), one of our agency’s tenured clients, is among the national leaders in oilfield supply. With two national locations in Waynesburg, PA and Oklahoma City, OK, they are conveniently located to service a number of natural gas shale plays. To help ensure the online sales and marketing efforts continue to match the level of sales and support of the company, a new website was created to help better serve the online needs of the customers.

The new website was assigned a few goals in the process, one of which being to ensure a strong emphasis on the products and manufacturers the company represents. Backed by the best brands and products in the industry, the new site was to reflect those same standards, and ensure that users are able to, quickly and easily, access the various manufacturers within each product category. Taking this an added step further, each manufacturer now has a product specific landing page that will allow the team at PSC to tailor the specific products and details on the website.

Another goal of the website was to feature the team at Producers Supply Company throughout the site. Ensuring customers understand that the PSC team is a key to their success, our team wanted to ensure the website reflected this same belief. To accomplish this, the site utilizes custom photography to capture the human element of the company. These visuals also showcase the PSC trucks and fleet, as one of the most distinguishable aspects of Producers Supply Company. The high-end pictures were captured by photography icon John Jackson, of Not Stock Photography.

In addition to the custom photography, The Stick Company helped produce a 60 second brand film that helps capture the various details of the company. For anyone who is familiar with Producers Supply, also knows their attention to detail is unrivaled. To best demonstrate this, we created an upbeat video for use on the website and social media that features the team, products and trucks of the company. The video also features some drone video of a delivery to a natural gas jobsite.

The design remained consistent with the PSC brand emphasizing the easily recognizable orange color scheme and dark colored backgrounds. The new website features a responsive layout to ensure best accessibility on any device, as well as a fully accessible content management system for easy maintenance and updates.

To view the Producers Supply Website, please visit www.P-S-C.com

January’s Custom Truck Wrap Spotlight

January has been an exceptionally busy month here at The Stick Company – especially for custom truck wraps. From full truck wraps to partial truck wraps, we have seen a variety of truck sizes coming through the garage already in 2018.

Excalibur Specialty Services, a specialty, inspection & technical provider, is a new company based in Clarksburg, West Virginia. The Stick Company worked with Excalibur to create a custom company logo and new business cards, as well as a new truck wrap design for the fleet. Tasked with the creative concept for a bold and extremely visible design, our team created the custom character of the warrior to accompany the vibrant textured sound waves to give the vehicle its visual appeal. 

Another fun custom truck wrap was for Morgantown‘s newest food franchise, the Philly Pretzel Factory. Located in Suncrest Towne Centre, this delicious new restaurant needed a partial truck wrap to help gain attention for their newest location. The custom-tailored design mirrored existing vehicle wraps from other national locations. However, our team was given the flexibility of creating something unique for this location’s specific vehicle. The newly-wrapped GMC Sierra will also serve as a food truck for when the company goes on-location for various events and catering. For more info on Philly Pretzel Factory, visit their Morgantown Facebook page, www.facebook.com/ppfmorgantownWV/.

A third featured truck wrap is for Gerrick Electric Company, a construction and electrical contractor in Morgantown, West Virginia. The Stick Company has been fortunate to work with Gerrick on previous truck wraps over the years, and was excited to see this industrial electric company adding a new truck wrap to their growing fleet. For more on this fantastic company, visit their website at www.gerrickelectric.com.

In addition to these three specific truck wraps, our team has also been busy installing a few truck wraps for longtime customers iLease Equipment Rental of Clarksburg, WV and Black Diamond Equipment Rental of Morgantown, WV.

All of these custom truck wraps were designed, printed, and installed by our team at The Stick Company. We enjoy not only designing and creating custom vehicle wrap designs, but also seeing the project from start to finish and delivering a truly unique custom vehicle wrap for our customers. 

Stay tuned as we continue to showcase the variety of vehicle wraps that our team does on a regular basis!

Video Production For The Morgantown Chamber of Commerce

The Stick Company was awarded the contract by the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce to create the business award videos for their 2018 Annual Dinner. Each of the seven videos featured five minutes of testimonials and highlights, as well as featured all of each company’s strengths and unique characteristics. The videos aired at the Annual Awards Dinner in front of nearly 600 chamber members throughout the Morgantown area.

One of the greatest aspects of this project was the ability to, not only film and edit the actual videos, but also, work directly with each company and their representatives to tell their story. At The Stick Company, we feel video production helps emphasize your brand’s image, and our team worked tirelessly to ensure each video did just that.

There were a total of seven business award videos for 2018 including Small, Medium and Large Business of the Year, New Business of the Year, Milan Puskar Entrepreneur of the Year, Non Profit of the Year and the Earl L. Core Award. While all having slightly different award specifics, the awards highlight companies within the Morgantown region that display outstanding corporate citizenship, community involvement, and commitment to the Chamber.

One of the awards, The Earl L. Core Award, is the Chamber’s most prestigious award given to an individual or individuals, who display outstanding community service for a minimum of 5 years as a resident of Monongalia County. This year’s recipient was our good friend – Jamie Summerlin, As if running across the United States for Veterans wasn’t enough (read more on this at www.FreedomRunUSA.com), Jamie has gone on to help found Operation Welcome HomeThe Morgantown Marathon, now coordinates and overseesMountainFest, as well as countless other community contributions.  Congratulations Jamie, a well-earned and deserved recognition!

Another award that has significant impact in not only the Morgantown area, but West Virginia overall, is the 2018 Non-Profit of the Year. This year – this was awarded to the Monongalia County Board of Education. We had the pleasure of working with a number of great individuals during this video testimonial to help shed light on all of the aspects that the Board of Education encompasses. From the number of teachers, students and staff members – to healthcare, food and transportation providers, the Board of Education is one of the largest employers in the state. The video below is just a sample highlight of the accomplishments of the organization:

In addition to these two award winners, other winners included Cunningham, Powell, Alexander, A.C. as Small Business of the Year. The Stick Company, (yes, us!) as Medium Size Business of the Year, Potesta & Associates as Large Business of the Year, Courtyard by Marriott Morgantown as New Business of the Year, and FEOH Realty/Jason Donahue as the Milan Puskar Entrepreneur of the Year. To watch all of the award videos, be sure to visit the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce’s website at www.MorgantownChamber.org.

New Website Design For Fairchance Construction

The Stick Company is excited to announce the launch of a new website for Fairchance Construction located in Southwest Pennsylvania. With over 100 years of experience, the team at Fairchance Construction was looking for a new online presence that showcased, not only the history of the company, but also the modern services and full capabilities of the company today.

To help accomplish this, our team created a design that allowed for modern projects and photography, as well as, demonstrating historic values and beliefs, while still showcased in a clear and easy to use design theme. The homepage features a variety of drone footage captured from each jobsite.

One of the main goals of the website redesign was to demonstrate and showcase the variety of services the company can offer. Niche services like Design+Build, ICF Construction and Environmental Construction are just some of the services we helped feature. The goal was to ensure the potential customers were able to quickly identify that Fairchance Construction was a fully capable Design and Turnkey Construction Company, but also one that can do a number of build-outs and remodels.

Another goal for the Fairchance Construction website design was to ensure a clear and concise message for their various industries. Working with a range of customers throughout the automotive, healthcare and industrial industries, we created specific landing pages for each industry to ensure added keywords and capabilities were conveyed.

The project features details and photography of some of Fairchance Construction’s latest projects including a number of dealership construction projects for the Freedom Automotive group. The site also features a section on Butler Buildings and the values that their steel buildings can bring to their clients. Fairchance Construction is an Authorized Butler Builder.

The site was designed as a responsive theme with a full content management system for ease in updates and maintenance. A new set of business cards was also designed to help correspond with the site launch.

To access the new website, be sure to visit www.FairchanceConstruction.com.

The Stick Co. Helps Out With Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

Hurricane Harvey Emergency Response Trailer

The Stick Company was honored to be a part of a great relief effort to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, helping to wrap a trailer before it’s departure to Texas.

A true team effort, the custom trailer wrap was designed, printed and installed on site within a 24-hour time frame to hit their quick deadline. The wrap was designed to promote the group’s patriotism and goodwill in coming together to help out our fellow citizens in their time of need. Our goal was to help showcase that people in our area want to help, and hopefully, encourage others to do the same as the truck travels down south.

The wrap was printed various sections to allow for our 2 person team to install as easily as possible. Jarrod Miller and Brant Billy were also challenged with the few rain showers that hit during the install, which took place outside of Range Resources headquarters in Southpointe, PA.

The project came to existence after Duztin Watson, President of RIP USA, a Private Security Firm, decided to start a local drive to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. Originally from Texas, he was driven to make a difference and started contacting those around him to pull this campaign together. Bill’s Towing, from St. Clairsville, OH donated the truck and contact The Stick Company about helping in the effort. Other dedicated companies involved included White’s Equipment, Range Resources, Well Service Group, and KSW Oilfield.

The Stick Company would also like to acknowledge the community for supporting such a great cause. Because of you, the trailer went to Texas completely full of supplies and ready to help those in need. The Stick Company would also like to thank WCLG, The West Virginia Black Bears and Stick Tattoo Company, who chipped in and helped form a single day supply drive to aide in these efforts in Morgantown.

Words From Our Friends: Eleanor Reigel, Ronald McDonald House Charities

Eleanor Reigel Photo

Eleanor Reigel of Ronald McDonald House Charities shares some of her experiences with The Stick Company:

See what Michael Allen of Accelerated Construction had to say, too!

Words From Our Friends: Mike Allen, Accelerated Construction

Mike Allen Photo

Mike Allen of Accelerated Construction shares some of his experiences with The Stick Company:

See what Eleanor Reigel of Ronald McDonald House Charities had to say, too!

Celebrating 10 Years

Celebrating 10 Year


I can’t believe it’s already been another FIVE years since we celebrated our 5th year anniversary! Sitting back and reflecting on the past decade, I’ve realized how time has absolutely flown by since we started this company in August 2007. We have been extremely fortunate to work with such awesome companies doing amazing things and to meet the number of influential people that are doing extraordinary things in our community and region. We cannot thank you – our customers, our vendors, and our community leaders – enough for all the support and business over the years, and we certainly look forward to (many) more to come.

In addition to our customer and community support, The Stick Company would not exist without the dedicated team that I am so fortunate to work with every day. Some of the most hard-working, talented and dedicated individuals one can find, and I am somehow fortunate to work with them all under one roof. Like many industries, working in a small creative agency is not an environment for everyone, and our company has certainly been impacted over the years by all of the team members that have come and gone, both good, and…well, not so good…but, hey – that’s what makes it fun!

Our team concept traces back to the origin of the company, when a close friend of mine – Chris Shoff – and I discussed our goals after graduating from Waynesburg College. Realizing we wanted to create a company that would focus on the quality of the work, rather than the owners, we created Asayo Creative Inc. The agency remained idle until August 2007, when unexpected life circumstances led us to decide to finally push forward as a full-time agency. At that time, Chris was excelling in his career with another company, so I decided to take a leap of faith and dove in full force on my own. Chris remained active and vital in the venture, often burning the midnight oil to help the idea come together and push through those crucial early years.

Within a few short months, we had the need to hire our first full-time employee, Matthew Linn, a local computer programmer that I had worked with briefly before starting the agency. Knowing Matt’s experience, fortitude, and overall intelligence, he was the perfect fit to join our team (and wear as many hats as one person possibly could). Matt’s contributions – over the many years he was with us – were endless…which made his unexpected passing in late 2015, still, the most difficult event in our agency’s history. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Linn family, and our company will always be a reflection of the hard work, dedication, and creativity that he instilled.


The company has seen its fair share of change over the last 10 years, most notably in 2015, when we made the decision to consolidate our creative agency – Asayo Creative Inc. – together with our wrap/decal/signage company – Stick, LLC – and effectively formed what is now known as ‘The Stick Company’. Initially, we strategically kept these two entities separate, but as time went on, and our brand recognition grew, we realized that 1) most people already realized we were the same group doing both sides and 2) hardly anyone could pronounce or spell “Asayo”. This merger allowed us to combine our various services all under one umbrella (and was a whole lot easier to pronounce).

A few months prior to that merger in 2014, we also took on the challenge of helping to launch another local company – Stick Tattoo Company. (Yes, I know I am really jumping around with my timeline…) Thanks to our Vice President, and my best friend, Kim Johnson, she recognized the value in keeping our branding consistent and expanding our company brand into the consumer and retail market. Stick Tattoo has quickly become a staple in the community, but also our family of companies through the talents and dedication of our artists and team. As The Stick Company and Stick Tattoo both continued to grow, we were also able to bring on a wonderful tattoo shop manager that excels in organization, communication, and patience – one that I am also fortunate enough to call my wife. As you can imagine, it was a big decision for us to make the companies a true ‘family’ endeavor, but having Rachael join our team was such a natural fit – it’s proven to be a seamless transition.


Another huge aspect of our agency over the last 10 years has been the creation and management of the WV Oil and Gas Expo. This one-day business-to-business tradeshow formed out of an opportunity in 2011, and continues to evolve each year. When the local oil and gas industry hit a low point back in 2016, we took this time to reevaluate and restructure the event – and after many discussions with our past Sponsors, Exhibitors, as well as our local businesses – we evolved the event to feature, not just the oil and gas industry, but ALL of the many energy resources in our region including coal, renewables, alternatives and energy efficiency. We are very excited for the first year after this change – the WV Energy Expo will take place on October 4, 2017 in Morgantown, WV.


Another exciting opportunity that developed in the last two years is the creation of CasketWraps.com, While certainly a unique product and delicate industry, we are now able to utilize our creative abilities and services to provide a new way to help the funeral industry. For those who are not familiar with this endeavor, we invite you to check out our sister company website at CasketWraps.com.


All of that said – the most rewarding aspect of the last 10 years has been – hands-down – the opportunity to partner with some of the most amazing community organizations and all of the individuals that we’ve met as a result of those partnerships. Within the first year of our company, we quickly became involved with WVU Medicine’s Children’s Hospital, and have continued to work and support this amazing group through various efforts including their annual fund-raising Gala. Kim and I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as co-chairs for the Gala in 2015. Being able to see – first hand – all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into this amazing event, and being able to help their team organize, participate in fund-raising efforts, and have a hand in the décor and theme – was a dream come true for us. In addition to Children’s Hospital, we have continued to partner with other amazing organizations in our area, such as Make-A-Wish, MS Society, Ronald McDonald House, WVU Veterans, and The Bartlett House to name a few. Being able to provide our passion to help others gives us purpose, and we thank those who have given us this opportunity.


To summarize, the last 10 years, and future of our agency boils down to a single word – Branding. Branding is the core of who we are and where we are going. Whether we are branding your business for the first time and creating a custom logo, or expanding your brand through our website and social media services, or wrapping your vehicle or office with your logo, we are there to help take your brand to the next level. Always remember that your brand is so much more than just an image or design, but also the feeling, the perception and the attitude your brand demonstrates.

I was taught – early on – about the value and importance of presentation and branding, and we continue to develop unique ways to demonstrate your brand. Our family of companies are focused on developing your brand, whether it’s the brand identity for your business from The Stick Company, providing an outlet and networking opportunity at The WV Energy Expo, taking personal memory or passion and engraving it forever at Stick Tattoo, or helping to provide the most honorable memorial possible with CasketWraps, we ask that you allow us the opportunity to work with you to develop your brand – whatever that may be.

Again, thank you to all of our friends, family, colleagues, partners, and vendors for allowing us the opportunity to celebrate 10 years in Morgantown, and we look forward to the next 20… because really, we are just getting started. ☺

Branding the WV Energy Expo

WV Energy Expo Flyer 3

The Stick Company is excited to have continued our partnership and sponsorship with the 2017 WV Energy Expo. This year’s expo recently made some branding changes, as the event was previously known as the WV Oil and Gas Expo, which focused solely on the Marcellus and Utica natural gas and oil activity. However, with the recent focus on the need for all forms of domestic energy, the event evolved and secured new co-hosting partners with West Virginia Department of Commerce and the West Virginia Economic Development Council.

These new co-hosts have allowed the event to broaden its audience to support all energy throughout the region, and promote the growth and development of our local economy. The event is also driven as a very supportive and ‘pro-industry’ networking event, in addition to showcasing regional companies in the tradeshow.

With the name change of the event also came a new logo and marketing push. Because the annual event has been going on since 2011, the overall look and theme did not want to change but needed to evolve into a logo that was appealing to all forms of energy. The Stick Company created the updated brand, along with a variety of initial marketing materials including postcards, brochure, envelopes, hardhat stickers and exhibitor packets. The website was also updated to reflect the updated brand.

In addition to the marketing efforts, our team worked with Progressive Industries, of Morgantown, WV, to design and fabricate an 8’ kiosk for the event to take around to various events promoting the Expo. The kiosk was fabricated to allow (4) panels to slide down into a frame for easy updating and swapping of artwork. The kiosk features a 32” TV that allows for a digital message to be utilized, as well.

In addition to the co-host partners, The Stick Company joins a few fellow friends and clients for the event including Clear Mountain Bank, Preston County EDA, Morgantown Area Economic Partnership, Accelerated Construction, and Anderson Excavating to name a few. For more on the WV Energy Expo, be sure to visit their website at www.WVEnergyExpo.com for more details. The event is being hosted on October 4, 2017, at Mylan Park in the Hazel and JW Ruby Community Center in Morgantown, West Virginia. A vendor reception is to be held on October 3, so be sure to sign up as an exhibitor or sponsor to attend this great networking event.




Wall Wraps at Ronald McDonald House Charity

Ronald McDonald House

The Stick Company was honored to be a part of a recent transformation at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Morgantown, WV, that transformed a previous conference room into a themed playroom for their residents. The idea was brought to The Stick Company inquiring how we could help make the room more engaging for the house. From there, our creativity went to work…

The team quickly realized that we wanted to make this room a showpiece for the charity and wanted to wrap the entire room, with as many details as possible. Wanting a design that was appealing to both boys and girls and allowing a variety of color and visual elements to the room, our team quickly pitched the idea of an underwater pirate ship theme to the Ronald McDonald House team, and they were all aboard.

Seeing the concept, we quickly contacted our friends at the WV Black Bears, a minor league baseball team for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and without hesitation, both teams joined the effort to help bring the Pirate room to a reality through their sponsorship of offsetting material costs into the room. Our team then added the Pittsburgh Pirates Parrot to the design, as well as a surfing Cooper, the WV Black Bear’s mascot. Cooper was drawn and donated by Brandon Volek, a tattoo artist at Stick Tattoo Company.

Once the design was finalized, the wrap install team went to work ensuring that the wrap fit the room perfectly and pulled in additional elements from the room. This included wrapping existing round tables along with the fish tank, puzzle table, and windows. A side room was also transformed into a treasure chest room housing a variety of toys and prizes to be used as gifts and rewards for residents. Various sponsors provided items for this room, including a toy drive held by Stick Tattoo Company.

The room received additional volunteer help from Wise Guys Media hooking up a television to the room and ensuring all wires were hidden for the children’s safety. Progressive Industries donated a series of custom shelf brackets for the treasure chest room in addition to the customization of a previously donated toy chest. Additional volunteers helped with the preparation for the room’s finalization.

The Ronald McDonald House unveiled the room on February 1st with a Grand Opening including a variety of board members, community leaders, and one very special guest – Ronald McDonald himself! Our team was on hand to enjoy the event (and meet Ronald), but the real treat for us was being able to watch the reaction of children being introduced to the room. Their delight made the entire project that much more rewarding…
For more on the Ronald McDonald House Charities, or to get more involved as a volunteer, please visit their website at www.rmhcmgtn.org.



The Stick Co. and Ronald McDonald House Charity team.



Jacki Riggleman of the WV Black Bears Organization joins Damian and Jarrod for a pic next to Cooper.







Sights Set on New Branding Campaign

New Branding

We are excited to announce the launch of a new branding package for Defense In Depth (DID), the largest indoor shooting range in West Virginia, set to open in Fall 2017. The Morgantown facility will be the next generation of self-defense training and shooting ranges featuring the best technology, firearms, and simulations around. Training will be available for every skill level in the surrounding region from beginners to advanced shooters.

In working closely with the executive team at Defense In Depth, our team learned about the unique features and direction the company was aiming. Knowing that the range was to appeal to a variety of target customers, our design team created a logo and concept that helped set the tone for all marketing efforts moving forward. The goal was to provide an identity that appeals equally to first-time shooters, as much as advanced shooters.

After unveiling the logo this past spring, our teams have quickly started working on the next round of marketing efforts launching throughout the summer including printed sales material, membership cards, website development, social media, merchandise, billboards, eblasts, and interior signage. Be sure to stay tuned for a full case study as both the facility and its marketing continue to develop!
For more on Defense In Depth, be sure to visit their website at www.defenseindepth.pro for continual updates on training classes, membership information, and their grand opening.



Feeding the Brand at Flour and Feed

Flour and Feed Logo

We are happy to provide a quick glance at some of the branding work on which The Stick Company has been working for one of West Virginia’s newest restaurants, Morgantown Flour and Feed. Located in the Wharf District, Flour and Feed provides some nostalgic vibes with their distinct atmosphere and décor, while providing a unique and modern dining experience.

Looking for brand identity fitting for such a place, owners Marty and Kristen Elek turned to The Stick Company to help launch their brand and marketing campaign. The result was a custom design that incorporated a vintage feel, while still having a modern and eye-catching appeal.

“When we first started with our idea for the restaurant, we contacted Damian Ferek and the Stick Team to help us create the perfect logo,” said Marty Elek. “They took the time to understand what we were wanting, including all the various uses of the logo, and exceeded our expectations with what they created.“
The logo can now be seen throughout the location including menus, door decals and window décor, business cards, website, social media and more. The wrap team even created a reversed logo stencil to apply a 10’ logo on the rough-cut ambiance wall.

If you’ve not had a chance to visit Morgantown Flour and Feed, we highly recommend you make a reservation and enjoy an evening of great food and drinks. And when you go, make sure you tell them how much you like the logo!  For more information, or to take a look at their menu and hours, visit their website at http://www.morgantownflourandfeed.com/

*A full case study will be available once we stop eating (and drinking) and get everything together!


Foundation for Coastal Drilling East.

Foundation for Coastal Drilling

The Stick Company partnered with Coastal Drilling East (CDE), a nationally recognized geotechnical construction company, headquartered in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Coastal Drilling is a member of the Shaft Drillers International family of companies.

Having one of the regions most recognizable construction brands, The Stick Company was tasked with creating a custom website that could help take their marketing and branding to the next level. The site needed to reflect, not just the capabilities of the company, but the vast experience and jobs that the company has performed across the company. More than a service provider, Coastal Drilling is a solution provider, and their website needed to tell that story.

The Stick Company worked closely with various members of the CDE team to develop and update all site content, including detailed content for their capabilities, solutions, and company info. The site was designed to give a bright and bold image, while still reflecting their professional and experienced reputation. The site was also developed as a fully editable content management system for easy updating and maintenance by the Coastal Drilling internal team while providing a fully responsive design for mobile and tablet viewing.

The site features a variety of photography including updated site photography by Amberlee Christey Photography of Morgantown, WV.

To view the full Coastal Drilling website, please visit www.CoastalDrillingEast.com.