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Branding the WV Energy Expo

WV Energy Expo Flyer 3

The Stick Company is excited to have continued our partnership and sponsorship with the 2017 WV Energy Expo. This year’s expo recently made some branding changes, as the event was previously known as the WV Oil and Gas Expo, which focused solely on the Marcellus and Utica natural gas and oil activity. However, with the recent focus on the need for all forms of domestic energy, the event evolved and secured new co-hosting partners with West Virginia Department of Commerce and the West Virginia Economic Development Council.

These new co-hosts have allowed the event to broaden its audience to support all energy throughout the region, and promote the growth and development of our local economy. The event is also driven as a very supportive and ‘pro-industry’ networking event, in addition to showcasing regional companies in the tradeshow.

With the name change of the event also came a new logo and marketing push. Because the annual event has been going on since 2011, the overall look and theme did not want to change but needed to evolve into a logo that was appealing to all forms of energy. The Stick Company created the updated brand, along with a variety of initial marketing materials including postcards, brochure, envelopes, hardhat stickers and exhibitor packets. The website was also updated to reflect the updated brand.

In addition to the marketing efforts, our team worked with Progressive Industries, of Morgantown, WV, to design and fabricate an 8’ kiosk for the event to take around to various events promoting the Expo. The kiosk was fabricated to allow (4) panels to slide down into a frame for easy updating and swapping of artwork. The kiosk features a 32” TV that allows for a digital message to be utilized, as well.

In addition to the co-host partners, The Stick Company joins a few fellow friends and clients for the event including Clear Mountain Bank, Preston County EDA, Morgantown Area Economic Partnership, Accelerated Construction, and Anderson Excavating to name a few. For more on the WV Energy Expo, be sure to visit their website at for more details. The event is being hosted on October 4, 2017, at Mylan Park in the Hazel and JW Ruby Community Center in Morgantown, West Virginia. A vendor reception is to be held on October 3, so be sure to sign up as an exhibitor or sponsor to attend this great networking event.




Wall Wraps at Ronald McDonald House Charity

Ronald McDonald House

The Stick Company was honored to be a part of a recent transformation at the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Morgantown, WV, that transformed a previous conference room into a themed playroom for their residents. The idea was brought to The Stick Company inquiring how we could help make the room more engaging for the house. From there, our creativity went to work…

The team quickly realized that we wanted to make this room a showpiece for the charity and wanted to wrap the entire room, with as many details as possible. Wanting a design that was appealing to both boys and girls and allowing a variety of color and visual elements to the room, our team quickly pitched the idea of an underwater pirate ship theme to the Ronald McDonald House team, and they were all aboard.

Seeing the concept, we quickly contacted our friends at the WV Black Bears, a minor league baseball team for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and without hesitation, both teams joined the effort to help bring the Pirate room to a reality through their sponsorship of offsetting material costs into the room. Our team then added the Pittsburgh Pirates Parrot to the design, as well as a surfing Cooper, the WV Black Bear’s mascot. Cooper was drawn and donated by Brandon Volek, a tattoo artist at Stick Tattoo Company.

Once the design was finalized, the wrap install team went to work ensuring that the wrap fit the room perfectly and pulled in additional elements from the room. This included wrapping existing round tables along with the fish tank, puzzle table, and windows. A side room was also transformed into a treasure chest room housing a variety of toys and prizes to be used as gifts and rewards for residents. Various sponsors provided items for this room, including a toy drive held by Stick Tattoo Company.

The room received additional volunteer help from Wise Guys Media hooking up a television to the room and ensuring all wires were hidden for the children’s safety. Progressive Industries donated a series of custom shelf brackets for the treasure chest room in addition to the customization of a previously donated toy chest. Additional volunteers helped with the preparation for the room’s finalization.

The Ronald McDonald House unveiled the room on February 1st with a Grand Opening including a variety of board members, community leaders, and one very special guest – Ronald McDonald himself! Our team was on hand to enjoy the event (and meet Ronald), but the real treat for us was being able to watch the reaction of children being introduced to the room. Their delight made the entire project that much more rewarding…
For more on the Ronald McDonald House Charities, or to get more involved as a volunteer, please visit their website at



The Stick Co. and Ronald McDonald House Charity team.



Jacki Riggleman of the WV Black Bears Organization joins Damian and Jarrod for a pic next to Cooper.







Sights Set on New Branding Campaign

New Branding

We are excited to announce the launch of a new branding package for Defense In Depth (DID), the largest indoor shooting range in West Virginia, set to open in Fall 2017. The Morgantown facility will be the next generation of self-defense training and shooting ranges featuring the best technology, firearms, and simulations around. Training will be available for every skill level in the surrounding region from beginners to advanced shooters.

In working closely with the executive team at Defense In Depth, our team learned about the unique features and direction the company was aiming. Knowing that the range was to appeal to a variety of target customers, our design team created a logo and concept that helped set the tone for all marketing efforts moving forward. The goal was to provide an identity that appeals equally to first-time shooters, as much as advanced shooters.

After unveiling the logo this past spring, our teams have quickly started working on the next round of marketing efforts launching throughout the summer including printed sales material, membership cards, website development, social media, merchandise, billboards, eblasts, and interior signage. Be sure to stay tuned for a full case study as both the facility and its marketing continue to develop!
For more on Defense In Depth, be sure to visit their website at for continual updates on training classes, membership information, and their grand opening.



Feeding the Brand at Flour and Feed

Flour and Feed Logo

We are happy to provide a quick glance at some of the branding work on which The Stick Company has been working for one of West Virginia’s newest restaurants, Morgantown Flour and Feed. Located in the Wharf District, Flour and Feed provides some nostalgic vibes with their distinct atmosphere and décor, while providing a unique and modern dining experience.

Looking for brand identity fitting for such a place, owners Marty and Kristen Elek turned to The Stick Company to help launch their brand and marketing campaign. The result was a custom design that incorporated a vintage feel, while still having a modern and eye-catching appeal.

“When we first started with our idea for the restaurant, we contacted Damian Ferek and the Stick Team to help us create the perfect logo,” said Marty Elek. “They took the time to understand what we were wanting, including all the various uses of the logo, and exceeded our expectations with what they created.“
The logo can now be seen throughout the location including menus, door decals and window décor, business cards, website, social media and more. The wrap team even created a reversed logo stencil to apply a 10’ logo on the rough-cut ambiance wall.

If you’ve not had a chance to visit Morgantown Flour and Feed, we highly recommend you make a reservation and enjoy an evening of great food and drinks. And when you go, make sure you tell them how much you like the logo!  For more information, or to take a look at their menu and hours, visit their website at

*A full case study will be available once we stop eating (and drinking) and get everything together!


Foundation for Coastal Drilling East.

Foundation for Coastal Drilling

The Stick Company partnered with Coastal Drilling East (CDE), a nationally recognized geotechnical construction company, headquartered in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. Coastal Drilling is a member of the Shaft Drillers International family of companies.

Having one of the regions most recognizable construction brands, The Stick Company was tasked with creating a custom website that could help take their marketing and branding to the next level. The site needed to reflect, not just the capabilities of the company, but the vast experience and jobs that the company has performed across the company. More than a service provider, Coastal Drilling is a solution provider, and their website needed to tell that story.

The Stick Company worked closely with various members of the CDE team to develop and update all site content, including detailed content for their capabilities, solutions, and company info. The site was designed to give a bright and bold image, while still reflecting their professional and experienced reputation. The site was also developed as a fully editable content management system for easy updating and maintenance by the Coastal Drilling internal team while providing a fully responsive design for mobile and tablet viewing.

The site features a variety of photography including updated site photography by Amberlee Christey Photography of Morgantown, WV.

To view the full Coastal Drilling website, please visit



Leaping Into the FROG Cart Wrap


The Stick Company was proud to partner with Ronald McDonald House Charities as part of their launch of the FROG cart. The FROG, standing for Family-Room-On-the-Go, is the first of its kind to be introduced as a partnership with WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital.

This cart helps provide the some of the benefits of the Ronald McDonald House on-site at the hospital such as snacks, games, toiletries, and crafts. In many situations, families are unable or choose not to leave the hospital during these difficult times, and so the FROG cart was created to help bring the values and comfort of the Ronald McDonald House to the hospital.

The Stick Company was challenged to design the look and feel of the cart. Knowing its purpose, designer Maria Ashenfelder went to work to create a design that immediately gained the attention of all those involved in the project. The design provided a light-hearted and pleasant look while remaining brand consistent and appropriate for the intended audience. In addition, a fuzzy little friend was added to the window, which was then used as a social media push that helped provide “Mac” with his name.

Once finalized, the wrap team took on this unique challenge, ensuring the details and added touches were implemented for the cart. The wrap utilized 3M materials to help ensure the quality and durability while at the hospital.

The cart was announced at a launch party at WVU Medicine Children’s with Executive Director – Cheryl Jones, and Ronald McDonald House Charities Executive Director – Eleanor Reigel. The launch was coordinated in conjunction with Volunteer Week, as an extended thank you to all the volunteers that donate their time to both Ronald McDonald House and to WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital.

The Stick Company was honored to have worked with both organizations and be included in such a valuable addition to the hospital. For more information, or to become involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charities, please visit their website at



STICK-sponsored Ballers score during summer season

STICK Ballers
The STICK Co. would like to congratulate the STICK Ballers, a team of Morgantown-based high school girls, on the success of their first summer league basketball season. Head coach, and Brideport, WV native, Gabbie Kassis, lead the team of girls educating, molding and inspiring the group as it participated in tournaments in Pittsburgh, Washington, and Morgantown.
“Gabbie is an amazing role model and great educator for these high school girls,” said STICK President Damian Ferek. “Her drive to organize this team and keep the energy, focus and organization throughout the summer months is no easy task. We were glad to see the group having fun and utilizing their talents during their summer break, and look forward to watching them represent both Morgantown High and University High this upcoming season.”
The STICK Ballers was an easy partnership for The STICK Co., as it continues to find innovative and unique ways to be involved with and support local athletes who are dedicated to their passion. STICK company was founded on being bold and pushing the limits, and the STICK Baller’s commitment and dedication during their offseason demonstrate this same tenacity. The STICK team applauds Coach Kassis, the players, and their families for a successful summer league basketball season.


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Team member Jarrod Miller celebrates 8 years at STICK

Team member Jarrod Miller

As told by STICK owner DAMIAN FEREK:

One of the first things I was told in business was that if you are going to be successful, you need to surround yourself with the best people and grow together. Somehow, we have been fortunate enough to have done just that. In June, we celebrated the eighth anniversary of Jarrod Miller with The STICK Co. How he survived may indeed be the ninth wonder of the world, but one thing is for sure — this agency would not exist without the patience, contributions, dedication and patience (yes, twice) of this guy.

Here is a quick look back at how it all got started:

As many of you are aware, The STICK Co. was originally founded as Asayo Creative in 2007 as strictly an advertising and marketing agency focused on brand awareness, graphic design, and websites. In April of 2008, while having dinner in Waynesburg, PA, I ran into Jarrod Miller, who was finishing his junior year at St. Vincents college. Having grown up with Jarrod and his brother in Carmichaels, I knew him and his family well, and so I was surprised to learn that he was interested in an internship at our company. A three-year-physical-therapy-major-turned-one-semester-in-marketing-major was ready to get his hands dirty in the marketing world. Knowing his work ethic and determination (and really needing an intern) we agreed to give him a shot.

On his first day, I basically gave Jarrod a computer, and a ton of photos and said, “we need to organize these…” He spent eight hours that first-day labeling pics from Blue Mountain Equipment Rental. “BlueMountainDozer147.jpg” gives you an example of how thrilling this first day was. On his second day, we sent Jarrod out on errands, which basically driving throughout the tri-state area making pickups and deliveries for eight solid hours. On day three, I approached Jarrod with an opportunity that we had been given. Two of our clients, Blue Mountain Equipment Rental, and Energy Contractors, LLC, were both in need of a sizeable vehicle wrap order that we had been farming out. Our agency enjoyed a good relationship with these clients and we saw that this may be an opportunity to grow the company. So, I asked Jarrod — “Do you know anything about vehicle wraps?…” with a short pause, he politely (again, he was new) said, “No, I’m sorry I do not.” “Well, me neither… but, hey, let’s figure this out.” And, within a couple weeks, STICK, LLC was created as a sister company focused on vehicle wraps, decals, banners, posters, and more. (At least he knew he had job security)

In the eight years that have passed since that summer, we have experienced numerous obstacles, hurdles and growing pains that have molded and crafted our company from the start. From wrapping vehicles in parking lots, backyards, “borrowed” garages, under canopies, freezing garages, gas field job sites, and maintenance shacks, in every weather condition imaginable like rain, heat, ice, wind storms, snow storms, and even bee swarms, the stories and experiences are countless.

You could say we have seen a plethora of projects (we quote The Three Amigos movie often.) Our first weekend-long training project was followed by chasing, removing, and applying 200+ truck decal sets for Energy Contractors throughout West Virginia, wrapping trucks, cars, vans, boats, jet skis, campers, motorcycles, quads, dirt bikes, trailers, cabinets, cranes, buildings, concrete, outfield fences, PRTs, snowboards, gas pumps, ice chests, water tanks, office walls and even caskets. When we say “We stick anything” it really should mean, Jarrod Miller can wrap anything.

We used to lock him in the basement of our Pleasant Street office, depriving him of things like group lunches, sunlight and ice cream Fridays, all while enforcing our, then, dress code of collared shirts, slacks and dress shoes and forcing him to listen to rap music, Seinfeld quotes, and farming stories from Burnt House, WV (shout out, Court Bailey)

Jarrod is most often a man of few words but I believe he wrote the book on work ethic. He has believed in this company from the start, and one thing is for sure: regardless of the project or obstacle, Jarrod has been the driving force that has allowed our wrap division to not only grow and develop but to evolve into the backbone of what our agency is today. For this, we recognize his efforts and countless contributions.

And, above all, and maybe most importantly, as we witnessed from his internship – the man can make a great cup of coffee…




Triple S Harley Davidson gets a bold, new truck wrap

Triple S Harley Truck Wrap

The STICK Co. recently wrapped a Triple S-branded Ford Super Duty F250 truck honoring the classic Harley Davidson look while emphasizing and showcasing the characteristics of the Morgantown dealership.


The truck wrap honors the dealership’s 14th anniversary and is a perfect example of how vehicles can be transformed into bold, innovative, mobile advertising.

When it comes to return on investment for advertising dollars, few mediums work as hard for you, non-stop, as vehicle wraps.


The STICK Co. is a nontraditional branding agency that fully believes in transforming anything we can nail down into an effective mobile advertising tool. It’s in our company culture to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Full and partial vehicle wraps, trailer wraps, entire fleet wraps, wall wraps, casket wraps through our site, decals and more – we do it all. Call us today to find out more about The STICK Co.’s nontraditional marketing resources.

New Branding Package Complete

New branding package complete

The STICK Co. recently created big things for one of the most highly visible organizations in the region – the Morgantown Area Economic Partnership. MAP President+CEO Holly Childs approached STICK in 2015 to design a complete branding package for the organization. The first step in the process was the creation of a one-of-a-kind website specifically focusing on all that the Morgantown MSA had to offer both existing and potential new businesses in the area.

“The result of this particular challenge is a vibrant, bold and eye-catching website that is both stunning to look at and equally informative,” said STICK President Damian Ferek. “Our efforts focused on the buzz and energy of the area, of Holly and her team, and of the economic development efforts of the region.”


The new website was the first piece of a larger rebranding focused on the tagline “It’s Morgantown.” The tagline is featured in the URL, throughout the website and on print items and trade show displays designed for the new look and feel of MAP. New logos, high quality business cards, printed displays, booklets and more, all work together to create the new MAP brand.

To see the new site, visit


Offering the area’s most extensive and engaging branding experience, The STICK Co. is an award-winning design agency located in Morgantown, W.Va. We create the best brand identities by specializing in web design, print collateral, content creation and management, social media, video, vehicle wraps and more. You won’t find an agency that gets you better than we do.

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